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OnyxMirror, an Exalted ST from Melbourne, Australia and inept writer of webpages.

Coming soon to this space:

Combat/UnavoidableAttacks - Because I really have too much time on my hands

BookOfLethys - IC campaign summaries from my current game set in exotic Rathess

and fiction starring an Abyssal, the Lord of Bitter Winds.

Feedback and Messages below


Apparently the usual thing is to have the Comments header, but whatever. I knew you and Kasumi would be here, I'm almost ashamed I took until now to say hello via a comment. I look forward to the fiction. - Guybrush

Hi OnyxMirror! I fixed the spelling of Unaviodable Attacks, and moved it to a subpage of Combat where it was at one point. Hope that is ok? ^_^ -- BrokenShade

Ahoy OnyxMirror! Its the player of your favourite Rathesian Eclipse. Good to see you. - BogMod