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Martial Arts: Not actually kung fu, but now entirely used as a way to simulate things tought to others. For instance, Tiger Warriors would have a basic martial arts tree, probably terrestrial, that could be tought to them. The 5 Dragon styles stay as they are, and all martial arts styles become things that were tought to Exalts and other essence channelers to give them a basic competence in combat. Of course, what your tutor thinks you should learn... is up to them. Yozi MA might be powerful, but lead you to becoming an infernalist, while those tought to the solar's half-castes might merely be for self preservation or show.

I think Lunars have the right of Brawl, and it should be represented in all the charm trees. Brawl does three things: Lets you deprive others of the advantage weapons give them, Allows you to perform special attacks beyond normal stunts/attacks/parrys/counterattacks/disarms, and use improvised weapons. All the brawl charms should do one of those things.

I have noticed that time and time again that many martial arts styles seem bent on having certain kinds of charms. It really annoys me, since I would like to see martial arts focus more on unique flavor, than "I want to make my own martial arts style since none of the styles have all the dice adders or whatever that I want in my style!" *whine*. So with that in mind, and the fact that any MA style with the world Lotus style is instantly the most popular style (because, c'mon, they're lotuses!) I decided to compress the MA into a universal charm tree that all Exalted have access to. MA styles which exist in Exalted all are really cool and still there, but don't have the charms that are part of the universal style. Each style should be balanced for each exalted type, so, for example, DBs and Solars have different dice caps, and a DB attack charm might add damage dice instead of making it a perfect attack. this is unfinished but i will post it for comments now, since I am low on free time and also would like to implement any comments into the final version.

Lotus Style: the key to Martial Arts Martial Arts is the emulation of that which the Exalted are not. Though an Exalted may have great powers, those powers are fueled by their own essence, and are unique even to the individual Exalted.

Other manners of essence channeling exist. Martial Arts is the ultimate expression of the fundamental patterns that exist in nature, preexisting patterns that arose as a subtle fact of being created - patterns that the Primordials may have intended, or patterns that may have even surprised the Primordials, as proof that things have a beauty all of their own. Many Primordials took to making strange and crazy races, and then evaluating the artistic beauty of each pattern that resulted. The Martial Arts are inspired by these patterns, and seek to recreate the pattern by a virtue of the Exalt's own actions. Anything that uses essence may thus use Martial Arts - but only if they are capable of channeling essence appropriately. Beings who cannot appreciate the subtlety of the patterns or provide the rush of power needed to actualize them cannot practice supernatural martial arts, and the degree of control the Exalted has over their essence is ultimately not as powerful as the divine spark that allows the essence to flow.

Those charms all require this charm and all require the instruction of someone who already knows this charm. However if someone somehow ends up with a charm, they may learn all prerequisites without a tutor with the normal extended learning time rules as per the exalted corebook.

Root of the Perfected Lotus (Terrestrial) Type: Permanant Martial Arts: 3 Essence: 1 Any being that channels essence may learn this charm. However, creatures that have specific rules for learning charms (spirits, ghosts, god-bloded, etc) may be incapable of achieving the Root of the Perfected Lotus. In any case, they must be able to channel essence before they are eldigeable to take this charm. All Exalted start with this charm upon Exaltation, regardless of if they meet the Prerequisites or not.

Spirit Sight Spirit Walking

In order for Dragon Blooded to perform celestial martial arts, a rigours training method is required, culmulating in being tought these two charms. Other training paths are possible, but these two charms are used by the Immaculate Order. Once charm must have an Essence requirement of 2, the other an Essence requirement of 3.

Optionally, there are only three pairs of charms in existance. One represents the attunement to the Elemental Dragons Styles: The Spirit Sight / Spirit Walking combo represents these. Another charm combo represents the Animal celestial arts styles. A final combo represents the Color celestial arts styles. For those with the Players Guide, The Iris Bulb Understanding of Secular and Profane Brokerage represents Color, and the Tiger-and-Bear initation represents the Animal celestial arts styles. Those who have followed one initation cannot practice martial arts styles that require these other initations. Fortunately these categories are broad enough that most players should have a wide variety of options available to them.

Bulb of the Perfected Lotus (Celestial) Type: Permanant Martial Arts: 4 Essence: 3

This charm allows the supernatural being to practice Celestial Martial Arts styles. Terrestrials are the only canonical being capable of reaching this level that do not start with it - there may in fact be others. all Celestial Exalted start with this charm, but do not necessarily start with any prerequisite charms.

- initative boosting charm Type: Instant, Reflexive Martial Arts: 2 Essence: 1 prereqs: bulb of the perfected lotus

The Exalted may add their Martial Arts to any initative roll for two motes.

- soak boosting charm Type: Reflexive, Martial Arts in Turns Martial Arts: 2 Essence: 2 prereqs: bulb of the perfected lotus

The Exalted adds their Essence to their soak. Additionally, they may now parry lethal attacks without a stunt.

- damage adding charm Type: Instant, Supplemental Martial Arts: 3 Essence: 2 prereqs: bulb of the perfected lotus

The Exalted adds their Essence in lethal damage to their next attack.

- dice adder Type: Instant, Supplemental Martial Arts: 4

Essence: 3 prereqs: initative boosting charm, damage adding charm

Add dice to their next Martial Arts action, 1m / die. Must actually be a Martial Arts action - Storyteller makes final judgement call. For instance, dodging with the Dodge ability with a supplemental Dodge charm is NEVER a martial arts action. But depending on their interpretation of the Martial Arts ability, dodging or parrying with a martial arts extra action charm (in the style of Dipping SWallow Defense) may be. Martial Arts attacks with Martial Arts weapons are always Martial Arts actions. The dice cap is as appropriate for the Exalted type: DBs can add their MA + Specialty, Sidereals, Solars and Abyssals their Dex + MA, and lunars may add the appropriate attriute.

- extra action charm Type: Instant, Extra Action Martial Arts: 4

Essence: 3 prereqs: initative boosting charm, soak boosting charm

Exalted may use this charm to make extra actions, they can roll Dex + Martial Arts and gain a number of full actions equal to the number of successes, up to their Martial Arts ability. Solar Exalted may learn a counterattack charm in addition to this ability. It is a MA 4GoldenH/Essence 4 charm with this charm as a prerequisite, and provides a charm equivalent to Solar Counterattack.

Blossoming of the Perfected Lotus (Sidereal) Type: Permanant Martial Arts: 5 Essence: 4 prereqs: dice adder, extra action charm

all Sidereal Exalted start with this charm, but do not necessarily start with any prerequisite charms. THey must purchase them as normal. This charm can only be learned with the instruction of someone who is trained in the sidereal martial arts. Dragon Blooded who pay the XP to buy this charm immediately perish in a most interesting way. Charms may come after this charm but they are extremly powrful charms, and should not be toyed with.