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3m to transform into any beast you have the hearts blood of. However if you don't have the gender changing charm you will have anatomical inaccuracies. Also, if you don't have the correct size charm, you will obviously be the wrong size, being either the minimum or the maximum size for your size range. You still turn into the animal you hunted, though, so if you chose an ancient blue whale, you'll still look like an ancient blue whale, only smaller.

If you later get a charm allowing shapechanging, this limit is reduced. Additionally, you may shapeshift into other people for 5 motes. However the gender and size issues are still applicable, as it does not change the anatomy of a person - no growing breasts or other things, and you will look slightly like the other sex; eg, it does not really work well without a larceny check, and shaping the ideal form simply won't cut it.

Hearts Blood (Animal) Background:

Instead of single animals, it is instead talking about single animal species. So for instance one would be a bunch of birds that pretty much look the same, while two might be various species of many birds in an area, or perhaps two of the type again. Three dots would give you all the species of birds in a given area or as per 2 for multiple areas, four would give you just about every species of bird, and 5 means you have consumed even grotesque monstrosities that kinda look like birds but aren't.

Renown Background: Multiply renown points by 5.

Full Moon Anima: Gain the ability to cause your anima to become a larger version of you and fight along with you. This should complement you in any form, as you add it's stats to your own. Basically you may double all of your combat attributes and reclaucluate your scores as such, but you may not add dice to those or something. Not sure yet.

No Moon Anima: You can gain DBT without transforming into totem form. Also while the anima power is active you suffer tell as if you had one less level of DBT than you actually do.

Tell: 0 times Cannot roll to detect tell unless already has seen it or had it described for him and is on guard. Wits + Awareness is Difficulty 7 regardless of form. -2 Difficulty if it has been seen before.

1-2 times Can roll per meeting or day even if they haven't heard of the tell. But they must be on guard. Difficulty 5. (-2 if already been seen)

3-4 times Difficulty 3 (-2 if already been seen)

5+ times It is obvious and cannot be missed if it is being looked for (Per + Awe, diff 1), but if nobody expects it, it still will not be seen unless by someone who has already seen the lunar and the tell.

Lunars cannot be shapechanged except by their own charms. However, illusion spells exist to replace the effects of all shapechanging spells, and a charm exists to allow them to shapechange themselves with spells, though that is essence 4+ charms.

Special Charm Rule: By spending a WP for most shapechanging instant charms, the duration can be extended to scenelong. Such charms will be marked with an *

Hide of the Cunning Hunter - no change.

Masking the Brilliant Form - no willpower cost.

Finding the Spirit's Shape - you don't have to buy the HMSGoldenH/TBF charms if you have a totem form too big or too small. You can still take the normal size, but only for the totem.

Deadly Beastman Transformation - no change, but cannot take second tier powers on the first purchase.

Calling Lunar's Favor - this charm does not exist.

Blossiming Gift of Luna - change cost to 5m. This charm does not end if you transform into DBT, but the effects do not stack. They are instead suspended until the next time you leave DBT.

Towering Beast Form - No change

Humble Mouse Shape - No change

Shaping the Ideal Form - this charm may be used multiple times in one turn, and the type is changed to reflexive, but you cannot change the shape of inactive forms. This charm cannot be used to increase Appearance.

Many-Faced Moon Transformation - This charm removes all penalties for different genders. So where before you may have eaten a male bird, now you can become a female bird, with the correct plumage and everything. Also you can change between genders at will, the cost for that being 3 motes and no willpower.

Lunar Blood Reshaping Technique works on unwilling subjects, though if they must either be subdued and unconscious or get to roll Willpower reflexively against the character's Manipulation + Craft (Body Shaping) roll (which might be replaced with something else with a good roll, and you can roll your base manipulation if you have no body shaping craft). The character initating this charm must spend the special WP cost. The duration can be extended by one week for every 3m she spends in addition to the cost of this charm.

Wonderous Lunar Transformation - Duration changed to one week, and is otherwise as above, except that every additional 5m she spends increases the duration by one week.

Shaping the Once Living Form - the apperance is modified as the player wishes. Also, it does not necessarily need to be dead yet - a tree might be twisted horribly, for instance - but it cannot kill or maim or anything to a living creature if the storyteller says it can't.

Fish Tail Technique - Cost to 3m and allows the lunar to sprint and take any other action she might be able to take on land (including jumping)

Tool-Hand Technique - No change

Rat-Head Technique - No change, though increased stamina and other permanant effects like DBT soak gifts do not count towards the "no making tougher" limit.