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Original Version

Exalted, pages 167-168

Blaque's Version

Right now, this is seen by a lot of folks as a bit of a useless Charm. Its inability to be comboed right now makes it a very unappealing Charm compared ot its predecessor.

Make the Charm cost 5 motes and a Willpower. Then make it Instant, Reflexive. That way, it will function like the Martial Art Charm Unfolding Retribution Stance. This makes the Charm will be more then just a speed-bump to Steel-Devil Style, as it does the tradeoff of price (Solar Counterattack is cheaper against one opponent and doens't cost Willpower), and comboability (You can't combo Steel-Devil Style.)

BrokenShade's Version

As per the original, but change the duration to Instant.

Vote Tally

Official Version

  1. DaveFayram
  2. CrownedSun
  3. Morpheus
  4. David.
  5. MetalFatigue
  6. notsoangrydave

Blaque's Version

  1. Blaque
  2. Domon
  3. Mask of Winters

BrokenShade's Version

  1. BrokenShade
  2. Lipperman

Blaque, I like your idea but I don't think it needs the willpower cost. ^_^ - BrokenShade

The reason I kept a willpower cost is becaue it would make Solar Counterattack still remain a viable Charm. As is, if it didn't, then the two extra motes for all the attacks in the turn would totally outstrip the previous Charm. I want to keep it so both have viable usage options. This is why Seven SHadows Evasion costs three times as much as Shadow Over Water, and why Heavenly Guardian Defense has a willpower cost while Dipping Swallow Defense doesn't. And stuff. Blaque

This is one where I simply must disagree. This charm is cheap, powerful, and quite good. It can't be combo'd, and this is probably intentional. -- DaveFayram

I prefer the official one, I think it's intentionally uncomboable because it's a very potent effect. That said, if you really want to change it, I think Blaque's alteration is acceptable. - David.

I think that Solar Counterattack should come off of Golden Essence Block, making this charm third tier. Then, I'm fine with it. - Morpheus

I have no problem with this charm as written. i can't say it any better than DaveFayram or David. - notsoangrydave