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Assumption Charms

  • Fiend of the Marches
  • Everything-Ending Terror
  • Assumption of Unquenched Desires (5 charms)
  • Assumption of the (Aspect) Dragon Attitude (6 charms)
  • Assumption of Creation's Belongings (14 charms)

Name Charms

  • Air of (Type) Aspirations
  • Dream-Force Substitution
  • Cold Iron Dreaming
  • Lord/Lady of the (Grace)
  • Master/Mistress of the (Grace)

Dodge Charms

  • Improper Methods Reproach

Resistance Charms

  • Agony's Armor
  • Plot-Smashing Bulwark
  • Adamant Spirit Shield

Feeding Charms

  • The Scent of Dreams
  • Sponge of Emotions
  • Licking the Iron Platter Clean
  • Deepening the Hungry Well
  • Callus-Forming Bite
  • Unified Focus Crucible
  • Feast of Lies
  • (Type) Thirst
  • Mother Eagle Feeds Her Chick
  • Tempting Faerie Morsels

Addiction Charms

  • Sweet Wyld Elixir

Virtue-Shaping Charms

  • Iron Heart Principle
  • Twice-Forged (Grace) Principle

Creation-Based Crafting Charms

  • Unraveling Caress
  • Breath of the Wyld (and modifications)
  • Mad Sparking Whetstone
  • Sovereign War Shell

Glamour Charms

  • Precious Thing Preservation
  • Pennant Amalgamation
  • Carbuncle Conjunction
  • Artistry of Heaven
  • Devotion's Blessed Basin
  • Melding of Madness and Majesty
  • Framed In Desire, Built With Glory
  • Dream-And-Hope Cache

Greater Arts of Glamour

  • Sowing Order, Reaping Chaos

Sword Combat Charms

  • Six Nation Lightning Assault
  • Ocean's-Length Reprisal
  • Into the Storm

Mutation Charms

  • Lie-Splitting Talons
  • Bulb of the Perfected Lotus

Shaping Arts

Style-Defining Charms

DH's Mirror Grace Charms

World-Bridging Charms: The Path to Acceptance

DH's Raksha Charm Houserules