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Exalted Beach Volleyball -- Live!

Log of the game played on 07/28/04.

  • Yu_Fan , the god of Beach Volleyball in the southwest and An-Teng in particular, climbs slowly up into his referee's position of honour, under a hooded canopy so that he can watch the game without sweating. He strokes his long beard for a second and then lightly tosses the ball to the cute little God-Blood.
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  • Nikola hurridly finishes applying suntan lotion to his back with the help of Shego, who promptly settles herself against a palm tree and blanket to watch the match. Trotting over to the field just in time, Nikola looks a bit shiney.
  • Dream scuttles forward and catches the volleyball with a grin.

<Nikola> ::Shego waves cheerilly at Dream and Yieng, sticking her tongue out.::

  • Dream blushes and averts her eyes from the brash Lunar.

<Yu_Fan> "I want a good clean game, ladies, try to stay in your suits allright? Now then, is everyone ready? Good. Let the game begin."

  • Yieng rubs her eyes; she is a bit tired from a pitched battle with a marauding sea monster last night.
  • Yieng shakes out the last of her sleepiness and takes up her position on the court. "Do your best, Dream!"
  • Nikola smiles at his teammate "Nice to meet you, by the way. I'm Nikola."
  • Dream steps into position as well, smiling at Yieng. "You too!"

<Nikola> ::Shego calls from the sidelines:: "Go Nikola! Kick Yieng's skinny little ass!"

  • Yieng rolls her eyes at the Lunar harlot's boorishness.

<Dream> The changling's eyes darken like a storm at sea as Shego barks insults about her good friend. For a moment, she pictures Shego as an ugly barking dog, and she smiles. With such a cheerful thought guiding her mind, Dream takes a deep breath and sends the ball sailing.

<Nikola> "Hey! Throw it AT the field, not Shego!" Leaping into the air the big Northerner snatches the ball from the air, letting it rest for a second in his hand before lightly tossing it at his new partner so she can slam it into the sand at Yieng's mean ole feet

<Yieng> Iskandros leaps up and returns the ball with suprising alacrity!

<Yieng> Surprised by the strength of the young God-Blood's return, Yieng dives for the ball, sending up a plume of sand as she skids to intercept it.

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<Nikola> ::Shego jeers as Yieng dives into the sand:: "Eat that sand, Yieng! Maybe you'll fill out!"

<Yieng> Yieng's outstretched hands hit the ball, sending it bounding up into the air for Dream.

  • Dream is unused to returning the ball, but she seems to be moving a bit sluggishly today. Not for long, however. Dream crouches low to the ground and springs up into the air, light glinting off of her pale blue hair as she guides the ball high into the air along with her, and then sends it towards the sand at Nikola's hairy feet with the entire weight of her diminuitive frame.
  • Iskandros , emboldened by her previous good shot, jumps under the ball and knocks it upward, setting up what (she hopes) will be the perfect shot for Nikola.
  • Nikola jumps into the air to make room for Iskandros to get to the ball. Using one of his hairy feet, Nik spikes the ball up over his head and sends it flying back into Yieng's face, from which it rebounds and hits the sand with a satisfying shwump.
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  • Iskandros , emboldened by her previous good shot, jumps under the ball and knocks it upward, settting up what (she hopes) will be the perfect shot for Nikola.
  • Nikola jumps into the air to make room for Iskandros to get to the ball. Using one of his hairy feet, Nik spikes the ball up over his head and sends it flying back into Yieng's face, from which it rebounds and hits the sand with a satisfying shwump.
  • Dream smoothly leaps in front of the temple maiden, wanting to ensure that her friend would get the perfect setup to score. She twists her frame, moving the ball in a graceful arc and sending it to Yieng at a more friendly angle.

<Yieng> The last of her sleepiness chased off by the rising tide of adrenaline, Yieng rolls out of Dream's shadow and does a quick kip-up, grains of sand cascading from her long topknot as she jumps up and smartly knocks the ball back over the net.

  • Nikola looks annoyed as he launches himself into the sky. A quick stop on the net to balance himself and one long arm snatches the ball from the air, sending it down to Iskandros so she can return it.
  • Iskandros grins. She's gettin' into the groove of this game! She leaps up, twirling, her long hair streaming behind her, and delivers a full-on roundhouse kick to the hapless ball, hammering it over the net.
  • Dream watches the foot connect with the ball, and then quietly observes the ball soar over the net. She stands motionless, waiting for just the right moment, and then-- a lithe arm snakes into the air, hitting the ball with a satisfying smack as its the ball's course changes, heading to Yieng.
  • Yieng crouches down, gathering her strength, then springs into the air, a small dust-devil swirling up from the force of her takeoff. With a sharp yell and a resounding smack, she spikes the ball down over the net.
  • Iskandros is all over this ball like white on rice. A dash, a leap, and a quick tap; that's all it takes to set the ball up for Nikola to send over the top!
  • Nikola smiles at Yieng as he reaches up for the ball, tapping it lightly into the air. With a massive leap the big man launches himself into the air to slam the ball across the net with a powerful kick.

<Dream> Distracted by the beauty of the sun sparkling on the ocean, the young changeling almost completely misses the fact that a volleyball is hurtling towards her head. Startling herself out of reverie, Dream moves seemingly at the speed of thought, and reflexively bats the ball to Yieng with a short shriek of surprise.

<Dream> Unfortunately, the distraction caused her to stumble, face-first into the sand. Fortunately, she was still able to get the ball to Yieng.

<Yieng> As Dream goes for the ball, her teammate fades back; as soon as the ball is in the air, Yieng sprints forward, building up momentum. As she leaps into the air, it looks like she will keep right on going straight through the net -- but when her fist hits the ball, she actually flies backwards! The ball, receiving all of her momentum, blurs into a white streak as it hurtles toward the sand.

<Iskandros> Wait for it.....wait for it.... Crap! Waited too long! Iskandros bolts for the ball...too late! She diiiiiives!, eyes closed against the flying sand to come, praying to any deities present that she can make it!

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<Yieng> The ball buries itself in the sand, only millimetres from Iskandros' reaching fingertips.

  • Iskandros picks herself up and dusts off. Pfeh. Sand in mouth. Yick.
  • Yieng catches the ball one-handed and wipes her other hand across her forehead, blowing out a breath. "Whew."

<Yieng> "Ready?" Yieng closes her eyes, centers herself, then tosses the ball up and skips forward, smacking it over the net.

  • Dream leaps back up from her dive, ready to go.
  • Nikola jumps to the right pole and crouches for a fractional second before hurling his body into the path of the ball. The suntan lotion that keeps Nik from turning into an itchy red mass of flakes makes his muscles glint in the sunlight. He looks pretty hot..until the ball slams into his stomach, whuffing the air out of him. It does head right for Iskandros's hands though..

<Iskandros> What the? Well, when it works, it works! Iskandros takes the chance and runs with it, maneuvering the ball and rolling it up her arm, leaping with it, and slamming it with all her force down the other side of the net.

  • Yieng would rather leave this to Dream, but the girls' position is such that the half-fey would need to move straight through Yieng to reach the ball; teleportation does not number among her powers. "I've got it!" Yieng calls out, clenching both hands together and bopping the ball up in a high arc which sends it back over her head and towards her teammate.
  • Nikola lands, rubbing his slightly sore stomach.
  • Dream wrinkles her nose; she has never been a fan of show-offs like Nikola, and has always considered guys who could use strange muscle-groupings for other than their intended purpose more gruesome than sexy. Wanting to show the mutant and his dog-girlfriend a thing or two, Dream's foot slips back in the white sand, her body dipping low as she gets the most room possible to spike the ball across the net.

<Iskandros> /me leaps forward. Sand in the mouth this time? No way, no how! She gets to the net even as Dream starts moving, the sun silouhetted behind the ball as she spikes it, and with no futher ado she slaps it up into the air for Nikola to run with.

  • Nikola gives a hrumph of irritation at Dream, who needs to lighten up. He didnt mean to get hit in the stomach with the volleyball. Still rubbing his sore abs with one hand, Nik shoulders the ball over the net at Dream's scowling face
  • Dream calmly regards the garish Nikola, almost ignoring the ball in favor of a staring contest. At the very last moment, she leaps into the air and spins to face Yieng, her hair whirling around her in an aqua typhoon as she sends the ball sailing to her friend.

<Yieng> As Dream descends, Yieng leaps up, long black hair describing a helix about her as she pirouettes in mid-air, a mirror-image of her teammate. Reaching the apex of her flight, she tucks into a tight ball and flips over, striking the ball with a foot. The ball flies back across the net, its crazy spin making it wobble like a drunken meteor.

  • Nikola sends the ball flying back, but overshoots!..and when the ball lands in the water, it makes a very unhydrolitic sound! "Umm..."

<Nikola> ::A huge kraken rises from the water, waving its tentacles maddly as it trys to remove a volleyball from its eye!!::

<Dream> All color drains from Dream's already pale face. Being a lowly half-fey, she is scared witless.

<Nikola> "Ooops?"

  • Yieng notices that one of the giant squid-god's tentacles is missing! It must be the same one which attacked her before the match a few days ago!

<Nikola> ::Shego sighs as the big squid rises from the ocean.:: "Nik! Why'd you have to go and do that?"

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<Yieng> "Quick, Dream, get over here!" Yieng pulls her friend toward the relative safety of the stand of palm trees. Incidentally, it happens to be the same place she left her sword.

  • Dream gets pulled to the trees, stunned. She promptly hides behind a palm tree while curled in the fetal position.
  • Yieng pauses to give the changeling a brief but comforting hug. "Don't worry, Dream, I won't let it hurt you." She snatches up her weapon and dashes out to join the other Exalted against the angry kraken, her anima glowing as she powers up.
  • Dream promptly passes out from shock.
      • Dream is now known as dissolvegirl
  • Nikola and Shego rush after Yieng, both brandishing Daiklaves of similar design. The only difference is that Shego's gleans silvery green and Nikola's a burnished golden red. Yelling battle cries of "AARRRRRGGGHHH" and "ANGRY BADGER SMASHES BIG UGLY FISH", the two charge the giant sea monster.

<Yieng> "Squid aren't fish," mutters Yieng. Luckily for morale, her words are drowned out by the deafening squishing sounds of Exalt-versus-kraken battle.

<Yieng> When Dream finally comes to, she finds herself on a beach towel, being hovered over by Yieng (her white suit stained by splatters of ichor and squid-ink) and a variety of concerned lifeguards. Yieng looks relieved.

  • dissolvegirl looks up, worried. "Is everyone okay?"

<Yieng> "Don't worry, it's gone." Yieng points at Shego, who is preening nearby. "We defeated it without too much trouble. It didn't take long for it to realize it was just a stupid octopus and run off." She hugs Dream. "I'm glad you're okay!"

  • Nikola has changed into shorts and a sleeveless shirt that, wet with greenish blood and black ink, show as much of his muscles as the suntan oil did. "That's when Shego turned into a shark and started chewing its legs off. She's still out there, playing with it."

<dissolvegirl> Dream smiles in relief. "Oh, good. Thank you for saving me!" She smiles.

<Nikola> "Oh, wait there she is." *waves at Shego*

  • Yieng approaches Shego and Nikola, and bows politely. "Thank you for your assistance in defeating the monster." She turns to Dream and helps her up. "I'll walk you home."

<dissolvegirl> Dream smiles. "Yes, thank you. I don't think I would enjoy walking alone after.. that."

<Nikola> ::Shego smiles, her head on Nik's chest.:: "Anytime you need someone to save you, Yieng."

  • Yieng rolls her eyes, but ignores Shego's barb. She and Dream walk off down the beach.