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This is an idea I had - Particular things that happen in the scene where people exalt, divided by exalt type. I personally assume that at the moment of exaltation, unless they've raised it previously by other means, exalts have an essence of only 1, although full attribute and often full ability scores as corresponding to their 'starting character' amounts. As such, these bonuses help to fulfill the kickass amazing amounts of coolness that seems to be essential immediately during and after most exaltations. It should be noted that all of these flagrantly break every rule in existance, although usually not all at once. I've made it a top-level page in case people want to make alternate suggestions, which I encourage ^_^

Solar Exalted

  • Infinate Essence - Solars flare to a varying degree, typically the first stage with an aura, but have infinate essence to draw on until the remainder of the scene. This makes even their most basic charms, typically 1m/per diceadders, amazingly effective, especially with split actions. (Darloth)

Lunar Exalted

  • Free Combos - Lunars draw on the protean nature of their patron, and until the end of the scene, may freely use any charm they know at any time whatsoever, without any extra cost or opportunity loss. They can throw reflexives all day, and then (as long as it could be a legal combo) combine an extra action and simple, all without paying extra willpower. This makes lunar starting charms, which typically function wonderfully in combos early on, work very, very well indeed. (Darloth)

Sidereal Exalted

  • Fate Mastery - Until the end of the scene, sidereal exalts roll everything at TN 4, and may spend a willpower point to declare all of their dice successes. I have no snazzy explanation of WHY this is brilliant for them, it just seems appropriate. (Darloth)

Abyssal Exalted

  • Unparralleled Entropy - Abyssals may automatically use any and all of their pay-per-mote entropic charms, for free, at the maximum level, until the end of the scene. This means an abyssal with Five Shadow Feint and Flitting Shadow Form will be subtracting however many dice from ALL defenses and attacks against them, for free, automatically. (Darloth)

I don't think Terrestrials should get them, they get enough as it is, although possibly a lesser effect could be postulated. Feel free if anyone has a neat idea! Obviously, alchemicals are built, and so don't get one. I don't want to even think about what Infernals get, but I'm sure DeathBySurfeit will come up with an idea sooner or later.
-- Darloth

FourWillowsWeeping/ExaltationBackground covers a great deal of the same feel already. Also, this means since the abyssal dodge can reduce pools to zero and is reflexive ... this means aby abyssal with /one/ dodge charm who exalt can't possibly be hurt. You sure you want that? Scrollreader

Sure, it can reduce attack pools to zero. If they're lower than the abyssal's die-pool reduction limits (Attrib+Ability, I believe). And, yes, I want that. Freshly exalted solars have fought off (in the fiction) highly trained wyld hunts and sidereal assassins, on their own. I don't see why abyssals should be any less cool. It's stupidly, ridiculously overpowered, but comparably so.

I've seen the FourWillowsWeeping/ExaltationBackground already, and did think it was a really neat idea. I just had this one as well. Thanks for reminding me, because I couldn't remember where it was ^_^
-- Darloth

There is absolutely no cap on the /first/ abyssal dodge charm. It's not just fighting off the Wyld Hunt. It's making that essence 10 sidereal with Charcoal March of Spiders AND Blade of the Batle Maiden AND Five Jade Fury utterely unable to even touch you. At essence 1. I'm all for exaltation, but that seems a little much. - Scrollreader
There's always a cap. No pool can be lowered below someone's Essence, for example. -- GregLink
Except when that pool is subjected to a Charm, like Flitting Shadow Form, that explicitly can reduce the target's dice pool to zero. - David.
Yes, there is that. Very well then, I impose the cap of Attrib+Ability I thought was there already, explicitly. Damn abyssals and their loose mechanics *grin*
-- Darloth
Since Abyssals exalt in an underworld pit, cursing creation and renouncing their names for the Malfeans to hear, isn't this moot anyway? - Wordman
Well, they don't HAVE to... some do, certainly, but yet others are 'gifted' with their exaltation where they stand, typically in the moment before death. All loyal abyssals and 99% of all renegades do eventually visit ye olde pit of ultimate evil, but Son of Crows has never been, and there's at least one example in the abyssals book of someone else exalting elsewhere, and being brought there later.
-- Darloth

Regarding the Infernals: Considering that Infernals certainly do exalt in the Yozi's personal little hell-pit after a few years of systematic mind-rape, it is a moot point (At least in the DBSInfernalExalted splat) However, maybe something that allows them to inflict prodigious amounts of damage, owing to their heavily offensive style? - Trithne

For all it's worth, I'd move to allow them free channelling of Sins for the remainder of the scene - subsequent to their, eh, initiation, they embrace their new mindset ravenously and desperately, indulging thoughtlessly in their profane wants and desires without regard to consequence. Hell, if someone was crazy enough to run an Infernal campaign, it would be a good way of building Infernal 'flavour' in a character...DeathBySurfeit, who isn't that crazy