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Level 3 EarthHearthstones

Crystal Venom Jewel

Aspect Book: Earth, p. 79

Dragon's Bone Gem

by FlowsLikeBits

Manse: •••
Trigger: None

This cubical stone appears to be of natural stone, commonly the same as the manse it came from. This gem is incredibly resiliant, the difficulty to damage it is increased by 3. Additionally, it imbues the bearer with incredibly strong bones, then never have to worry about broken bones(although limbs may still be cut off, at the joints). This increases their soak vs bashing damage by 3(this is different than their bashing soak, i.e. if they soak lethal with their bashing soak,there is no benefit). Additionally, the bearer cannot be crushed. A building could fall on them,and they would not be crushed(other enviromental hazards, such as fire or a lack of air remain problems). Crushing, even from water pressure, does no damage to them. Generally, being hit with a weapon(even on the head), is not being crushed(although it could very well be bashing damage).

Gem of Safe Return

by Resplendence

Manse: •••
Trigger: Concentration

Despite its simple appearance – a roughly rounded rock with glimmering jade-like striations – this Hearth-stone is comfortably smooth and warm to the touch.

When concentrated upon and thus activated, the Hearthstone allows the bearer to sink into the ground and disappear. This takes one full turn, during which the bearer is defenseless and has to rely on her armor or persistent defense Charms. Regardless of the distance to the stone’s Manse, the bearer appears there one scene later. During the transit she experiences no time passing, as she is dispersed into the great Essence flows of the Earth. At the time of activation, the bearer must be in contact with the earth. She can’t activate it in the air, while swimming or in a wooden building. The Hearthstone only works in the same realm the Manse exists in – normally Creation.

Gemstone of the White Jade Tree

Caste Book: Zenith, p. 80

Jewel of Stability

Caste Book: Dawn, p. 77

Precision of Form Gemstone

Aspect Book: Earth, p. 79

Stone of Judgement

Book of Three Circles, p. 115

Stone-Shifting Gem

by Resplendence

Manse: •••
Trigger: Concentration

Using this hearthstone – an elongated smooth rock twisted like a drill – one can focus at a nearby solid material and walk through it. The stone smoothly displaces the material in a bubble around the user, and reforms it behind her without a trace of her passage.

It is possible to move at a rate of five yards per turn in earth and similar loose materials, down to a rate of one yard per turn in rock. Solid metal slows the rate to a crawl – a yard per minute – while especially durable materials (adamant, the magical mate-rials, etc) blocks the powers of this hearthstone. The displacement bubble can be up to Essence yards across, but the user can percieve an equal distance of surrounding solid materials around it, determining their structure, density and such.

It’s impossible to entomb anything inside a solid material with a Stone-Shifting Gem, unless the gem is destroyed when inside solid material. Otherwise it pushes everything along within the bubble. It is possible, however, to run out of breathable air if one travels for a long distance without magical breathing aid.

Unshakable Jade Statue Gem

by Resplendence

Manse: •••
Trigger: Concentration

Only the briefest moment of concentration is required to activate this cubic Hearthstone, seemingly made of polished white jade. In the blink of an eye, it transforms the bearer to a statue of solid white jade. The bearer becomes immobile as long as she is transformed, but she cannot be forced to move by any mundane means and she is nearly impervious to damage.

The transformation can be activated reflexively, but this cancels all actions, Charms and such that require the slightest bit of motion. Once activated, the transformation can be sustained for as long as the bearer remains conscious, but she cannot revert back until the beginning of next turn and it also counts as a dice action. While in jade statue form, all her senses, except tactile senses (which are dulled and impose a +2 difficulty on all related rolls), work normally but are limited by her inability to move. She doesn't experience physical fatigue of any kind, nor does she need to breathe. Hunger and thirst affects her normally though. The flawless jade gives the bearer a natural 30B/20L soak, with a hardness value of half the soak values. Armor and all other forms of non-natural soak are inactive. She also gains a Strength rating of 20 (replacing her own Strength), but only passive due to her inability to move -- it can be used to prop up collapsing roof like a pillar, or to maintain a nearly unbreakable grip. If the bearer activates the Hearth-stone when engaged in a clinch, she can use her new Strength rating instead of Dexterity. Further-more, it becomes impossible to move her from the spot by any mundane means. Magically assisted attacks, lifting or such has to overcome her new Strength rating to succeed, but even so, a normal-sized person weighs about 2000 pounds in jade statue form.


Re: Gem of Safe Return:

Seems a bit overpowered for me. Traveling any distance in a single scene? That's more of a level 4/5 power if you ask me. Now, if the stone would transport the bearer back to the manse at their normal travel speed (minus time for rest, eating, etc.), then it would feel just fine. -EndlessChase
In my game it wasn't all that useful going back to the Manse, since like many Manses it's way off from anything else. It's really just a fancy way of escaping. I guess the travel time could be longer, although traveling at a walking pace makes it uncool IMO. Resplendence
I simply added a distance limit (50 times the bearer's permanent Essence). It works fine now. Great Hearthstone. (I originally picked it out at the Compendium). - Seiraryu

Re: Unshakable Jade Statue Gem.

If you're above someone and invoke the power, do you squash them? Even if they're normally immune to it, like say.. a pirahna plant coming out a warp pipe.. In addition, if rendered 'destroyed' while in this state, are you permanently white jade, and if so, can you be alloyed with steel and forged into a daiklave, or a suit of magical armor?- Paincake

Also, the 30B 20L with 15 and 10 hardness, respectively, seems a bit low. It's fairly easy to get 10+ lethal on a non-moving target, and as such, anyone with a 5MM weapon can just hack you apart - even though you're made of the same thing their sword is. I'd make them flat-out immune to non 5MM damage, and even then, give them hardness in the range of 30B and 25L - you've got to have an Essence cannon or some such to really screw with a brick of Jade. -- GreenLantern, possibly going too far to the other extreme, but hopefully not crazy