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Campaign notes for Darzoni's 'Reflections' campaign.

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The Rynel Prophecies

Prophecies that Rynel has been privy to in-game

The House of Scarlet will fall to the houses of Viridian and Ivory on the day the sun falls from the sky.

Beware those who slumber fitfully in the land of twilight, for the House of Scarlet will be consumed by their dreams.

Reflections of the Past

Five men. Five who were chosen by the Unconquered Sun to do his will in Creation. Five accomplished individuals in their own right granted the power to shake the Heavens themselves. Five men who are driven by dreams of a lost Age to a small village in An-Teng. This is what is known to the Loom of Fate, for the pattern spiders have told us their possible futures.

One is a master of the spear, having perfected a style that even Dynasts would travel to the far East to study. He seeks to discover the meaning of the dreams and forge his own path though Creation.

One is a philosopher and a scholar, a builder of wonders. He seeks to construct a glorious future for Man.

One is an abandoned child, cast out by the arrogant as a fugitive, unrecognized as one of the Kings of the Earth. He wishes to ease the suffering he sees around him to end the squalor.

One is a king of the west, such as kings are made there. His kingdom thrives through plunder and theft, yet he finds himself haunted by dreams of a lost Age. He now seeks redemption.

One is not known to us yet. We must ensure they do not ruin all we have worked for.

- Chejop Kejak

The Story of Jade-Upon-The-River

Jade-Upon-The-River is a small village that was once a great city in the First Age, and was governed by Jeryl, who was Hulen's First Age incarnation, and his Circle mates. It used to be a city whose buildings were all composed of white jade, constructed by the local Mountain Folk under Jeryl's supervision. The city suffered greatly from the Great Contagion, and even Damon's efforts could not save it from the rampage of her fellow Fair Folk. The buildings' jade veneer had long since been stripped of their jade by the Shogunate, and the depredations of the first Balorian Crusade leveled the magnificent buildings.

Damon Sun-Touched went by the name of Damon Wyld-Born in the First Age. In the Second Age she acts as the major domo of the Manse that Jeryl held, possessing the Freehold that now surrounds that Manse and siphons off the geomantic energy. She bred with the inhabitants of the nearby village known as Jade-Upon-The-River in the aftermath of the Great Contagion as a part of a powerful oath she was forced to make to Jeryl's family members. She is now related, in one fashion or another, to all the inhabitants of Jade-Upon-The-River. Many daring Scavenger Lords and Dragon-Bloods have often come to lay claim to the contents of the Manse, but Damon slew them all using her glamour within her freehold. The Manse got the reputation for being cursed or well protected by First Age automatons and was left alone. In the First Age, the Manse was called The Resting Place of The Unconquered's Gaze.

Now Jeryl's essence has been reincarnated as Hulen zan-Gon, who will lay claim to the Manse and the village that remains. What is next for Jade-Upon-The-River?