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Idea Dump: Where Bad Ideas Go To Die

Insert Mea Culpa HERE

I only really get Fair Folk thematically and crunchwise, and that kind of speaks poorly of my overall grasp of Exalted across the splats. But I guess it's best to not dwell on it. and since I'm cleaning house, I'm just gonna wipe the crap and needless pages, archive the text somewhere, and just give a synopsis of what was there.

Crap (in alphabetical order!)

  • All the non-Wyld artis: Awesome elemental guns and a loupe that lets you see the past. In retrospect, WTF was I doing?
  • Real Ultimate Glamour: Cute, but the joke's long since outlived its usefulness. I might redo it someday.
  • Rising Force: SOLAR CIRCLE OF AWESOME. Game ended prematurely.
  • The Broken Sky: Depressing attempt at an alternate setting for d10 Storyteller. Bleh. No point in doing anything with.
  • The Last Day: Survival Horror in the Age of Sorrows! ... like anyone would play a limiting high-mortality mortals game.
  • Vigilant Haze Style: Alchie smoke-elemental MA. Worst. Martial. Art. Tree. EVER.
  • The Weave background: Basically starting with free shaping charms + minor XP cut for buying charms. Horrible, horrible idea, and my low point of faerieness.
  • Westward!: Adventure! in the West! No longer hosted on ExWiki