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Lunar Charm Trees

A Note on Durations You will notice that many Lunar Charms have a listed duration of Instant, and an embedded duration within the description- especially Charms which overtly rely on shapeshifting. This is, in part, to help reflect the natural ease with which a Lunar can shapeshift. A Lunar's shapeshifting magic is its most basic birthright, and easily combos with itself. Also, once their form is changed, they do not need to commit motes to maintaining the change; the change is made until they want it changed again.

Lunar dice adder is capped by their Attributes, not Abilities. Regeneration is a big Lunar schtick. They need at least semi-Perfect soaks, dodges and parries, as well as Persistant Defenses which are still useful in the days of Power Combat, other than Soak.

Lunar Charm Trees are presently very deep- the 'perfection' model. But this leaves the Lunars with, practically speaking, fewer methods of magical interaction with the world- and so is lame. Go with either a Solar or Sidereal model- multiple shorter trees, or trees with broad bases. Lunars should be unpredictible- an ever changing bag of tricks.

  • Hey, the stuff you are doing with Lunars is really cool. One thing that might make Lunar charms more useful and still different from Solars and Sidereal is grouping the charms more by purpose and orgin, and less by skill. Combine Armed and Unarmed into one group with some charms needing to be unarmed, and some being unable to parry leathal damage without weapons. To a Lunar's Magic, hitting things is hitting things, and the near and dex are more important then the weapon being used. (And then just break off playing with moonsilver as a whole seperate sub-tree so eating your sword and eating your armour are the same thing). -- JustinS
  • Mm. My inital thought was 'no, Melee and Brawl are very different'. My second thought was 'cause yeah, you can clinch with brawl' And then I had an image of a Lunar's weapon clinching a guy :) I'll look into the Charms more closely, once I've finished the Trees off (Just Ranged combat, Social Interaction, Spirit Interaction and Occult, Moonsilver-craft, Learning, and Stealth to go!)
  • However, class is getting meh. This week will be bad, and then there's a quiet period, and I can get some more done. And doubtless, I'll still write stuff up in general form during class time itself.  :) DS
  • I put up some graphics of the charm cascades for survival, shapeshifting, and body modification at http://www.evenmere.org/~bts/revised-lunars/ . Help yourself. They're there in OmniGraffle and PNG formats. Eventually, I figure they'll all be in a PDF booklet with annotations like Mapache's excellent Martial Arts cheatsheets, and also in title-only PNG graphics for embedding into a web page with the full text. --BrianSniffen
  • All the non-combat trees are up in png format. I did notice that there aren't any Healing charms there -- regen, and poison, but nothing useful to others. Was this intentional? Removing Mother's Touch is good and wise, but removing all ability to heal others is surprising. -- BrianSniffen
  • This is really neat! I do have a question, though--how does Form Fixing Technique interact with the stated reason for the Lunars having to develop the tattoos? If it's three motes to prevent outside shapeshifting for a month, then they wouldn't have any problems shifting back to their original form. -Dorchadas
    • I personally see the Form Fixing Technique as being a stop gap measure the First Age Lunars used to help keep themselves whole in the Wyld. It's a dirty hack. ... Although, with it lasting a month, that's not really that expensive. Hrm. Look at the change I made to it, Resist the Lure of Madness and Memory of Creation- which, I think, make it clearer. DS
      • I like it. That definitely makes it something they held onto frantically while looking for another solution...which for too many of them didn't come in time. ^_^ Dorchadas