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Big Dog, King of Dogs

The patron spirit of Nexus canines, Big Dog is the biggest, toughest, most tenacious cur who ever chewed a bone. When dogs howl at night in the city, it's Big Dog that they're invoking. When poor kids set dogs' tails on fire for fun, it's Big Dog who tracks them down and chases them into the river. When rich men kick starving mutts off their property, it's Big Dog who sneaks in at night and poops on their carpets.

Big Dog, as his name suggests, most frequently roams the Nexus streets in the form of a scruffy mongrel dog the size of a pony. He sometimes also appears as a burly, hairy man, but is clearly uncomfortable walking on two legs. In human form, he most often masquerades as a laborer or a guardsman, and can summon forth a huge iron-studded war club with which to smite his enemies.

Big Dog looks after his pack diligently, and always has a good dog's-eye view of goings-on in the city. Occasionally, when the moon is full, he rustles up canine war-posses and pursues the enemies of dogs. Considerably more frequently, he breeds with the local bitches, giving rise to a large number of God-Blooded Nexus dogs.

Some humans, especially child gangs, venerate Big Dog, taking care of any strays they come across and offering him sacrifices of marrow bones and meat scraps. Big Dog, in turn, treats them as part of his pack; as long as they acknowledge that he's the alpha, he looks out for them. He's very straightforward in both his speech and his dealings, and never knowingly lies or breaks his word.

Big Dog, although powerful, is not particularly smart. He's frequently toyed with by both Luna, after whom he lusts constantly, and his archnemesis Tybalt, Prince of Cats. Other spirits tend to make fun of Big Dog behind his back. Even some clever mortals get the best of Big Dog, although their gloating is typically short-lived; he may be dumb, but Big Dog knows when he's been had, and when he's been had, he gets mad.