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The new theme is: Sworn Brothers

First person gets to choose male or female, the cause, and the exalt type. This should be a single-type, single-gender circle, united in a common cause.

Last Pillar - DeathBySurfeit


The somewhat ironically named Last Pillar is firstborn amongst the sons of Sigur, and first to be bound to his service. Last Pillar is a walking behemoth of a man, his chestnut-brown, often sweat-sheened muscles building on an already considerable frame. He has inherited his father's eyes, orbs of deepest black looking to the future without hope or dismay, and they peer out over an ornamented collar so large as to conceal his heavy jawline completely. Similarly oversized shackles conceal his wrists and knuckles, save that these are flecked with dried blood; Last Pillar is a man of decisive words and action both.

He and his brothers are each sworn to Sigur's aid, fighting the corrupt little gods on Creation as best a clutter of godspawn can. Last Pillar for one is devoted to this calling, driven by his passion to taste the power and acceptance of his distant celestial father. The same cannot be said for his eldest sibling...

First Pillar aka Fop -Miles


Frist to have been concieved by Sigur, but second to have been born, and last to have been bound to his service, Fop is an irony of his brothers because of his slender and tall build and light hair, though his eyes are a very deep navy blue. His skin is dark and almost allways looks as if it is sunburnt. This lad is a shoe in with the ladies, though many do not like or appreciate his excentric bondage trials. He also wears the shackles, without chains, at his wrists, ankles, and neck, though these have been highly polished and shine as if they were silver ornaments or jewlery.

Fop is the most likely to go wandering off, particulary in to bars or brothels, much unlike his next brother, if you can call it that.....

Lil' Shmuck ~StarHawk


Shmuck is the brother who is often left behind while his older siblings go and have fun. He's like the accountant. They ignore him and his inane rants until he is needed. But until he lacks a use they keep him around. Also a spawn of Sigur, he's probably the least favorite. Somewhat boring, his job is to observe and record tribute to his father's image.
Shmuck stands fairly short, with mud-colored skin. His dark chocolate eyes are ugly and unasuming. Shmuck tries to impress his brothers and frequently changes his wardrobe. One day wearing all white like some angelic figure the next he'd wear bondage gear while fashoning a whip. All his efforts seem to go unnoticed to all except the next in the chain of brothers...

Tender Liege - DeathBySurfeit


The distant middle brother, Tender Liege acquired a talent and taste for games of the mind and heart from the tumultuous politics of his growing kin. His irises are a milky pale colour, and his skin bears the rough dustiness of sandstone. Most notable are the white tattoes that twine along his brow and neck - whether these are simply for decoration or have some greater purpose, not even his brothers know.

It is given to him to care for those left in the brotherhood's wake; dispossessed worshippers and lovers of rogue spirits slain by their hands. He attaches each to his cloak, an ornate affair of chains each ending in a manacle or collar. As they wander with the group, he talks to them incessantly in his soft and lilting voice, words of comfort and wisdom and hope, until they find the strength to continue alone - promptly, they are released and allowed to walk free. He may do this out of kindness, prudence or professional enthusiasm - perhaps a mixture of the above. Likewise, it is his place to defuse the many conflicts that emerge within the brotherhood, and to this end he observes each with a distant concern much befitting of his father.

Tender Liege's cloak, whilst certainly eye-catching, renders stealth quite impossible and combat awkward. Consequently, he does little to aid his brothers in martial affairs, quite unlike his youngest brother...

Firecracker Yue ~ Seiraryu


Every group has a member who cannot be controlled easily. They move, they jump, they blaze in their charismatic and incessant excitement. When Sigur looked into this young man's eyes, he knew his youngest would be his wildest. Stark white hair and pale skin, Firecracker Yue is the youngest of the brothers, with his haunting ice-blue eyes and wire-tough muscles.

Firecracker Yue is not only hard to control, he's unavoidably needed in a fight. The more martial and aggressive of the brothers, though he certainly doesn't look it. However, all it takes is an instant for him to have his pair of vicious khatars out, wanting to disembowel something. He's the one that most often needs to be held back by his brothers, easily losing control towards those he judges as unrighteous.

Saying he gets along with his brothers wouldn't be entirely appropriate; however, should anyone else attempt to harm his siblings, his rage would be unfathomed. In a fight, his presence is indispensable. At a party? Inexcusable.

Peanut Gallery

So, uh, I felt particularly literal today. Hope you like it...DeathBySurfeit

I am amused. And you are a genius. This should be good - IanPrice
Having fun, interesting start to the topic. I agree should be interesting. Petty gods in creation should be afraid, be very afriad! Sorry I missed out on the last circle. -Miles

Someone want to finish off the character relay so we can keep that one going too? -Miles

Bit of Trivia: My friend's cat was named Lil' Shmuck. I want to add another brother "only midly evil". tee hee ~StarHawk