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The current theme is: Scuffy River Pirates

Capitan Jangles -Miles

Heroic Mortal

Capitan Jangles is the Captain of the skimmer Salty Cat. He is a short man of about 4' 5" tall and very thin. He believes in keeping a hard working crew, but not a clean looking ship. The rough and tumble sort of ship that makes merchants want to scrub it down when it docks. This is to his advantage, as most of his crew are used to working and fighting on its slippery decks where many a raiding party has been defeated because of it. His face is scarred in many places where he has tried to shave his partial beard (without help from the convex mirror in is quarters).

Capitan Jangles has found many a wandering traveler to train and make use of on his ship, and one of his favorites is his current cook who makes an especially good salty dog after they have left dock at some unfortunate town.

Invisible Sky - IanPrice

God-Blooded (Air Elemental)

Sky is the son of Captain Jangles's former cook, a young Zephyr who took a fancy to the Captain's style and rode with him for some years. After a tryst in one of the towns the Captain stopped at, the Zephyr realized she had allowed herself to become pregnant, and disappeared from Jangles's crew for quite some time. After a dozen years, she returned to her captain, bringing him a new cook: her son Invisible Sky. Sky is an even better chef than his mother, with the sheer skill and panache to make salted pork and rum into a delicacy somehow. He also has his mother's gift to call wind into the sails, though like her he keeps this fact secret. Sky is a warm and compassionate young man, though he has no qualms about the actions of his pirate friends. After all, it's what pirates do. His greatest fault is his ties to his mother, which often require him to do inexplicable things in the name of the Games of Divinity.

Sky's best friend is the oddest person you'd ever see paired with such a fair-haired, warm-hearted youth; a rascal by the name of...

Children's Shoes - OhJames

Heroic Mortal

The oddly-named enigma known as Children's Shoes is a direct challenge to Capt. Jangles in degree of scruffiness. While the Salty Cat may be dirty, this man(?) is down-right, undeniably, thoroughly, utterly filthy. He appears rather short, though his stature is not near as small as the good Captain's, and it becomes apparent that this is due to his unique stance: knees half-bent, shoulders thrust forward, and head slung down and cocked to the side. He wears a voluminous coat, along with uncountable other layers of everything from filthy burlap rags to filthy stolen silks, that he is never seen to part with. What lies inside this crust of fabric no man, woman or spirit has seen, nor claims the least knowledge of, though most assume he is at least mostly human.

His demeanor is just as odd as his appearance. His voice is difficult to understand, as it is apparently spoken through a mouth- and throatful of gravel, but he is brimming with clever jokes and biting witticisms that bring no amount of amusement to the other members of the crew on long nights between jobs. Unfortunately, he often uses his beguiling wit to distract and ultimately relieve nearly everyone he knows of whatever valuables they might possess, along with whatever other trinkets take his decidedly eclectic fancy. He will not steal from Invisible Sky or the Captain, however. Anyone else is fair game.

Thankfully for the crew of the Salty Cat, there is one person who can keep this thief in check, the stern and matronly....

Madam Pim - FlowsLikeBits

Heroic MortalCircleRelay/Demon Blooded (Kimberly)

Madam Pim serves as Jangles first mate, and keeps a stern eye on crew, as the other is covered by a patch. Among the crew, it is believed to look into her "bad" eye is see into Malfeas itself. Pim is techincaly demon blooded, although the only evidence of this is her eye, and the disturbing cast of her features. She is strongly loyal to Jangles and enforces his will on crew members when necessary. She is also the only member of the crew with any sort of hygene sense, for she reguraly boils cauldrons of water and washes both herself and her cloths. However, she refuse to share her labor with any members of the crew, and they seem reluctant to repeat it themselves. For this reason, so sometimes serves as the the ships contact on shore, although it is unclear how much this helps.

Toward Jangles she is respectful, toward strangers, fearsome. She is the same toward the crew, with the exception of...

Clever Rabbit ~StarHawk

Heroic Mortal

Rabbit, Madam Pim's cousin, is the ship's healer and demolitionist. Since a young age the boy was facinated by alchemy and all it could create. He studied the sciences until about the time of his tenth summer, when his parents died in an explosion he started. Orphaned he was sent away to live with Madam Pim on the wonderfully pleasant ship Salty Cat. Since he has taken up more of the role of healer. though blowing things up is still his passion. Rabbit is still fairly young and has not grown fully, he had tussled mottled brown hair and inquisitive eyes. His skin is also a mottled brown color due to his lack of bathing, something his cousin frowns on. He has a twitchy eye and tends to giggle when he gets a bright idea.

He likes the crew. Madam Pim is almost motherly, on a strange level. And most of the crew is pleasant, but the one Young Clever Rabbit really listens to and respects is...

Capitan Jangles? -Miles


Next martial arts form, Slippery Deck Dance? -Miles

Oh yeah, that's the part we forgot when doing the last theme. The hand-off. We should remember to always point towards the next character in some vague way, like we did with the Romantically Challenged circle. - IanPrice

You know... These are going to be great when you want some flavour NPCs to throw in ^_^
-- Darloth is anticipating the possibilities already

Teeheehee. Like my Clever Rabbit? Trix are for Kids!!! ~StarHawk

That's actually the last one (five characters in a Circle), so you might want to leave off the lead-in, and you get to make up the next theme. - IanPrice
then lemme fix that ending just a little.~StarHawk