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This is the level at which, generally, you get to play with Elsewhere.

Also, this is the level that the traditional "Scene-Long for 5m,1W" effect becomes available. Generally, you can expect reflexive/automatic normal pools for a scene at this level. Alternately, for things that don't have 'automatic' or 'retaliatory' forms (such as, I dunno, Awareness), you get well into the level of super-human. There's simply no way a human could accomplish this effect kind of thing, regardless of dice. Much like echolocating your way down a dark hallway, or seducing someone with merely a glance and a shimmer of the eyes.

A Point.

In my opinion one word describes this essence level


Few charms for higher essence have been published, at this level a solar can as Greg pointed out get scene lenge charms... he can also regenerate lost limbs, and initiate into terrestial circle sorcery.


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