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when a solar has achieved this level he has just transcended his humanity.

the charms published for this level are scarce, but all seem potent indeed, though not truly world shaking.

Multiple perfect defenses, completely perfect sight, etc.

I'd suggest at this point a stealth charm allowing complete invisiblety to unexalted mortals.


Again, who wrote this page? Sign your work people! Link it to things! If it's just your personal thoughts, it goes on a subpage of your UserPage. Telgar

I was more wondering why there only seems to be pages for like.. essence 2 and 6 ^^ .. and am I the only one who finds it ironic that Telgar forgot to post his name after his comment? :) It would be nice if we got a rough list of what charms of each essence level should be capable of though, that'd be kinda cool. FluffySquirrel

Such a rough list already exists, in the Sol Invictus fan suppliment. Given that, I'm not sure this page is necessary. --Madwand

ahh, but what if we don't agree? Also, that supplement is not wiki.
-- Darloth -usually- agrees with SI, but not -always-