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I've always thought that (with a couple of exceptions) that the "signature characters" in Exalted (the ones with their pictures on the caste pages)... well... kinda suck. By this, I don't mean their stats. (For those that care about that, check out Characters/SignatureCharactersReloaded.) What I really mean is their basic character concepts, storyline, etc. Surely the creative powers of this wiki can come up with some more interesting characters than these as the posterboys (and girls) for the castes. So, the challenge:

Describe a complete set of signature characters (usually five) to replace the ones used in a book to represent the castes of a given type of exalt. They must be representative of the caste they represent while at the same time avoiding its stereotype. Entries must provide personality, rough back story, current goals/whereabouts and a physical description with enough detail for an artist to draw their likeness. You need not provide stats, but can if you like.

Create your entry on a page called YourName/AlternateSignatureCharacters and add a link to it below. If you want to add entries for more than one type of exalt, only add one link below to YourName/AlternateSignatureCharacters and either combine your entries on that page, or have that page link to other pages.


This looks cool, and I will get to work immediately, though I don't know how well I'll do. - BlackFlame

Can we use characters we play if we think they're cool enough? - Han'ya

If you think they are the archetypal characters for their caste, go for it. - Wordman

Color me intrigued. I think I'll throw my hat into this one. -DarkheartOne

This place is suddenly sizzling with activity. This must be what a fad catching on looks like... - Han'ya