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Dargon's Pier is the port city to Melevhil. It is located 2 days walk to the south from Melevhil. It is s small community of around 3200 people and specializes in importing and exporting to the region of Melevhil. The Guild will set up it traveling markets in Dargon's Pier and draws in locals from all over the region to trade, purchase and sell goods. The Guild stops into Dargon's Pier every Resplendent month for five days usually around the middle of the month.

Dargon's Pier is an extension of Melevhil and therefor only has a governor, Telmah Amgis. He directly reports back to Maddox family of anything noteworthy or disruptive in the area. He is allowed to make judgements and exact the law but often defers to the Maddox's for advice as to not lose his position. This tends to bog down anything related to bueraucracy due to the travel times for messengers.

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