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About myself

I belong to the international crowd of this site. I live in the southern Germany city of Stuttgart. Apart from entertaining my own troupe, I run also Exalted adventures on roughly a dozen conventions a year in Germany, thus I hope that one day I actually experience Exalted as a player. Currently I am planning for a longer Solar campaign, that will start early 2004.

Of course I am reachable by email:

My Stuff

Currently just the bullet points. Details follow in due time.

All Material Copyright © 2003 Florian Brand. Feel free to use it as you wish, as long as you give credit.


  • TidesOfTime - War is upon the 100 kingdoms. But who is behind this?
  • BrokenSigil - The Yozis are about to break their eternal prison. Can they be stopped?

Single Adventures

These adventure ideas are designed as introductionary scenarious for conventions. I use them also to playtest episodes of my campaign. I try to provide entry points for both individual play and campaign.

  • Luna Reborn - a child is abducted by a band of beast men. What if the victim doesn't want to be saved?
  • The Tower of Light - Fey invade in a northerly kingdom, can the characters activate the ancient defense?
  • Rider in the Night - A fey steals children from their beds, inspired by Sleepy Hollow.
  • Ransom - the daughter of an imporant noble is abducted by a Fey lord. He is willing to let her go - for a price.
  • Ghost Eater - a mad spirit haunts the region, can the characters stop him
  • Contagion - the plague walkes again. Can the characters stop it before it is too late?



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The "Other" Stuff


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