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GatewayMachines Special archways that were once used to send people vast distances around the world in an instant.

Celestial Boulder Rifle A weapon used in more then one lunar war to end a siege.

BogModOtherArtifacts/MoonTear A moonsilver amulet that protects its bearer from certain protean affects of the Wyld.

Raiment of the Chosen Finery worn in to the high society balls and gala's in the Realm though was once worn by any exalted.

Communication Pedestals

Shifting Body Mesh A moonsilver outfit that enhances greatly ones ability to infiltrate and deceive.

Gateway Fork A magic starmetal tuning fork to assist in travelling Creation.

Scarab of Health A magical golden scarab worn around the neck to protect from disease and poisons.

Blood Descendants Diagnostic A device devised with solar magitech, for analyzing potential matings to check for problems that might occur should two people conceive in a given month.

BogModOtherArtifacts/HearthstoneCrowns Devices once heavily favored by sorcerer's and the ruling elite to remain at full strength.

BogModOtherArtifacts/HeliotropeOfFiveLights An ancient tool used in the early years before the Exalted to help create the Elementals.





BogModOtherArtifacts/DragonVeils Veils to let one wander the Underworld safely...or at least safer.

Ring of the Unbound Moon A moonsilver ring given from one Solar to a Lunar so they don't have to be together.

War Lamp of Mists An ancient relic of the Nishaat. For when you just have to have an army.

BogModOtherArtifacts/JadeDragonfly A small and fast living airship built as a gift to a young Copper Spider by his Solar peers in the First Age.

Dragon Eye Circlet

BogModOtherArtifacts/SunTempestForge A lost relic of Ligier's.