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Welcome to my little corner here.. let's see if I can find some teabags..

I'm fairly new to Wiki, so excuse me if I am committing any faux pas right now. Maybe HTML coding is an invitation to duel in these parts, I dunno.

Here I am linking to a campaign I will shortly be running, entitled, simply, "Children of the Realm". It is designed for beginning players, and will act initially as a tour de force of the system, the setting and eventually the Exalted.

The PCs in this campaign will be playing Dynast children, and idea I found interesting from the beginning. Feel free to use it, change it, and enjoy it, and please tell me how it went and any interesting twists or changes you encountered/enacted.

Link to the mainpage of the game: AlaronChildrenOfTheRealm

Please leave comments, suggestions etc.!

Heh! HTML coding isn't an invitation to duel as far as I know, although you may be getting into some techie "I'm better than you" contests. Anyway, welcome to the wiki. Please read BestPractices -- it should tell you everything necessary. TextFormattingRules and FormatStandards might help too. (And incidentally, glad to see someone working on DragonBlooded schools.)
~ Shataina

Read them already: I think I like Wiki a lot. I'm already stuck on Wikipedia (So addictive.. teh knowledge). Thanks! - Alaron

Wow.. it's been a while! *Blows away excess dust*
Exams and a relaxed summer will do that to you. I'm gonna post a few updates for the game I think..
I only heard there was an Exalted 2nd Ed when I came back here after an extended absence.. I work in a gaming shop, for goodness' sake! For me, it's good and bad news. Good, as later editions in general tend to work more smoothly, even if they are solely for profiteering reasons. Bad, because I had just about finished my collection of the 1st ed books when I found out. Sod the new splatbooks, I'll convert the old ones. I will buy a new core book, but there should be conversion rules or a revision book for the rest.

Now. Being tired and grumpy after a full day's work, I'm going to sip my tea and start writing, before promptly getting fed up and sleeping here in the kitchen. Or something to that effect. To Work! - Alaron