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I know it will come up eventually- I'm staking this area out now for using the Storytelling System with Exalted.

No, I have no idea how it would work.

No, I don't know if it would be a good idea.

But I'm sure it will get discussed :) DS

Cosmetic Differences between the Exalted System and the nWoD, in my opinion.

  • Slightly different die mechanics (TN 7, 10s double vs TN 8, 10s Explode)
  • Slightly different attribute and ability spreads.

Deeper Differences

  • Passive defense vs active defense (the declaration of defensive actions, such a huge deal in Exalted, is nixed)
  • One roll to hit and damage vs hit-soak-damage (soak is aggregated into either the passive defense, modifying incoming damage type, or bonus health levels)

Now, the essential dynamic of Exalted Combat (sans Charms) is to gain the initative as often as possible,and launch enough attacks to bully your way past someone's defenses. Of course, they could let you hit them, which typically meant you were gonna get beat down yourself if they were still alive after your barrage. Dicepool splitting was crucial.

Now, initative simply moves like a round, and you can't split your dicepool. The side with the highest overall advantage (Strength + Ability + Damage - Defense) will tend to win, although in close contests, initative order could become important.


I must admit, I really liked what I saw with the new WoD rules. It seemed more intuitive, and a lot more streamlined. Based on your description here, though (and barring the incredible task that converting the hundreds of Charms would involve), I have to wonder if Exalted would benefit from switching to such a system, or a version of it? In particular, the comment that "the side with the highest overall advantage will tend to win" strikes me as somewhat against the spirit of what is, basically, a much more combat-focused game. Can we hear your thoughts, DS? - DigitalSentience

I never updated this, because the very prospect of converting those Charms over terrified me into submission :)

It may still be doable- defensive Dice adders add to your Defense, offensive Dice adders to your Strength + Weaponry. But I don't think much would really be gained. Furthermore, as you point out, the 'highest overall advantage = teh win' is sort of antithetical to the spirit of Exalted. Storytelling Exalted is a neat mental exercise, but not worth the brain juice; I was much happier with ExaltedNobilis. DS