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Level One Air Hearthstones

Breathless Jewel

by ikselam

Manse: •
Trigger: Taking one deep breath.

This spherical, milky blue hearthstone is very light, and appears to be hollow. When attuned, it allows its wearer to hold her breath indefinitely. This does not require extraordinary concentration, but it does require the bearer to take a deep breath first. The effect ends if the bearer falls asleep or unconscious, or the air is expelled from her lungs (for example, by speaking).

Gem of Calming Influence

by Mapache

Manse: • 
Trigger: Continuous 

This simple, smooth pearly-grey stone increases the bearer's Temperance by one dot, which may allow it to exceed five. Rubbing one's thumb over it produces a tranquil, relaxing sensation.

Gem of Echoes

Book of Three Circles, p. 111

Gem of Holiness

Book of Three Circles, p. 111

Gossiping Stone

by ikselam

Manse: • 
Trigger: Talking to the stone. 

This shimmery white sphere seems to whisper quietly to itself. When attuned, it passes on everything it hears to its siblings, enabling communication over a distance. When a character speaks directly to the stone, all other Gossiping Stones which formed at the same Manse will repeat what he said. This reproduction is not instantaneous, and not totally accurate; it may take a minute or two for the other stones to pass on the message, and they may also have misheard it. If several people are talking to several different Gossiping Stones from the same family at once, their words are likely to become hopelessly garbled in transmission.

Gossiping Stones hear about as well as the average person (Perception + Awareness of 4), but only ever listen to what is said by the people to whom they are attuned. Each Gossiping Stone has its own distinctive voice, and will generally relay messages at the same volume as the original words.

Gossiping Stones always form in groups of two or more.

Gust-Motion Rock

by Telgar

 Manse: •
 Trigger: Concentration

A blue rock that appears entirly ordinary, the Gust-Motion Rock grants a +3 to the base initative, running speeds and jumping distance of its owner.

Incense Pebble

by EndlessChase

Manse: •
Trigger: Contact with Flame

This small blue-grey rock smells strongly of spice and herb if held close to the nose. If open flame touches the stone, it will emit pleasant odors of many natures. When activated, the stone emits a faint tendril of smoke, similar to incense burning, and quickly fills the immediate area with pleasing odors. The effect is pleasurable to all, giving the bearer an extra die on all socialization rolls, and in intimate situations the effect can be intoxicating, giving a +2 to all rolls involving seduction.

Jewel of the Flying Heart

Caste Book: Zenith, p.79

Memory Stone

Caste Book: Night, p.78

Puff-Fish Gem

by ikselam

Manse: •
Trigger: Inhaling deeply.

This mottled beige sphere is very light, and is covered in short spines. When attuned, it allows its bearer to inflate himself like a puffer fish. The character takes a deep breath, inflating his chest like a balloon. Due to the tremendous quantity of air contained in his lungs, he can hold his breath for ten times as long as normal. He also becomes very buoyant, capable of supporting up to 200 pounds of ballast in addition to his own body weight. Finally, when he lets out his breath, he can do so quite forcefully; he can blow as hard as a large bellows for an entire turn before his lungs are empty.

The powers of the Puff-Fish Gem cannot be used if the character is wearing inflexible armor on his torso, and is likely to cause him to burst out of less-sturdy garments. Fully-attuned moonsilver armor is the notable exception to this rule, as it deforms to accomodate changes in its owner's body shape.

Smoke-Shifter Gem

by Quendalon

Manse: •
Trigger: Concentration (Simple)

This Hearthstone is a dull bluish-gray in color. When the bearer touches the stone with her left hand and concentrates upon a mass of smoke, she may reshape the smoke as she wishes. Affected smoke will hold its new shape without dissipating for so long as the bearer concentrates, and can move at walking speed. Shaped smoke retains its normal color and billowing texture, and can’t be mistaken for solid objects under most circumstances.

Stone of Quick Thought

Book of Three Circles, p. 111

Stone of the Spider's Eye

Aspect Book: Air, p. 75