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Liberi Lunaris - Under Construction

The lunars book is decidedly messy on many fronts, its charms however are the worst. This will hopefully be as to Lunars as Sol Invictus is to Solars. The charms will be altered and trees fixed to make more sense, and of course, cleaner, and with time the introduction of higher Essence charms.

Big Note

This is by no means a complete project, please do add your input if you have somthing to add.


The problem initially was of the horrid over-use of speed-bumps in the charm progression, especially when the charms that preceeded certain others renderd the prior useless, a noted case being: Talons of the Silver Moon, and Scimitar Claw Technique; Claws of the Silver moon is cool, Scimitar Claw technique is better, and many would hardly use Claws of the Silver moon afterwards, if ever.

DeadManSevens' Lunar Hotfix was a very great inspiration. Simplified, DM7 stated that as a Lunar grows, so does their DBT grow with them, from this an idea was formed. What if all Lunar charms had the potential to grow with the Lunar as opposed to having to buy new charms that did the same thing, but did it better? This would validate the ridiculously high charm costs, not to mention the fact that many charms in the lunars book seem to be dependant on DBT to make them effective, along with a few (four in total) that can only be used in and with DBT form.

So first lets understand the basics:

Major Changes: The first noticable effect will be the re-structuring of charm trees, and that will be the most profound effect. I believe that as they are Lunars are very confusing as several theories have been applied at once and none seem to come out cleanly. So to try and make things less cluttered in the trees, I have merely re-arranged them and have tried to avoid removing too many charms all together, most of these will be discussed per instance.

Charm Evolutions: In order to knock down the amount of speed bumps, that are entirely unnecessary in the Lunars book, some charms have been converted into Evolutions. Evolutions are much alike Alchemical sub-modules but instead of simply adding a function to the charm, the charm function is the same, but changes with the Lunar as they grow with Experience and Essence. Evolutions act exactly as the charms do as listed in the Lunars book, in both their minimum requirements, mote expenditure, and how the charms functions, unless otherwise noted. However they no-longer require the same cost as a whole charm, simply because they are not a whole charm merely an extension of existing ones. Evolutions cost 3bp to buy at creation, and 6xp otherwise.

On with the Show:

LiberiLunaris/Charms - What everyone is here to see.
LiberiLunaris/Expansions - Other Ideas.
LiberiLunaris/Theories - Why the Lunars are the way they are.


I'd like to credit my gaming buds Derek and David for putting up with this crazed idea and helping a whole bunch. Please keep in mind this is an open project and would love to hear feed-back and ideas, and if I have inadvertantly added somthing here thats already on the wiki please do link it up.

Thanks to all commentors, I appreciate the feedback, really I do.

- ArabianNinja - 

Some of my comments and suggestions:

  • Firstly, I like the three castes system personally, as I find it clears up some issues with the 5 Solar castes. Full Moons being Dawn and Zeniths, Changing Moons being Nights and Eclipses, and No Moons being Twilights, who already do two things, as craftsmen and sorcerors are totally different things, really. Thus, I'm glad you put the 5 castes forward as being totally optional even after your little fix.
  • Do something about the No Moon anima power. It's binding and typecasting.
  • Evolutions I like. Fixes the rampant speedbumping.
  • Your slightly different take on the Silver Pact is nice, but perhaps emphasise that there are disparate cells? The idea of Lunars actually being a coherent unit doesn't really work in my mind.
  • The Heart's Blood fix is good, but it's pretty much a mandatory background. Although the idea of a Lunar with no HB levels is amusing.

Other than that, keep it up! I've not yet looked over the Charm fixes, but I'm useless with Charms and would be no help anyway.
Finally, it's nice to see someone else is still playing First Edition. Second Ed didn't really sit too well with me. - Trithne

Glad you like what you see. Yeah Definetly going over some thoughts for New caste powers, the Trio of powers based off of their attributes would Likely be a good starting point, but this project is still open, hence why its on the Wiki. The Extra Castes, and everything under the Expansions page are by no means mandatory. I can't tell you what to do, everything under the Expansions page is secondary and entirely optional to the actual Charm fixes, you can pick and take what you like, leave what you don't. As for the Silver pact, that was what I was aiming for, in World War 2 the underground resistance was hardly a fully organised front, it based very much on hit and run tactics with some very lucky, if blind, contacts with eachother. As for the nature of hearts blood, and its necessity, thats somthing I'll be writing up under the theories section. Thanks agiain for the commentary, it lets me know I'm headed in the right direction.
People haven't stopped playing First ed, its just that the new one is still shiny. Besides First ed works, why move on? - ArabianNinja