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Random thoughts, plot-hooks, and observations. None of these are criticisms if they appear as such, just thoughts I've had while wandering through the Lunars book. No rules or options here, just ramblings.

The Casteless

Why play casteless? They get less stuff than normal Lunars, no tattoos, and no help.

Thats the point. A Casteless Lunar is one that has not been set, or chosen a caste. Back in the First Age a Lunar would head into the wyld and find challenges in order to determine what caste they would be, and this would be set in their soul.

Why Play a casteless Lunar? Why play a Heroic Mortal? Because its the ability to grow thats the point.

Venturing into the Wyld may not be as wise anymore, but that doesnt invalidate the signifigance of the Journey. The Journey of Self discovery can be anything, be it a sorjourn into the Wyld, or perhaps a trek across all of creation, and in this time, you are learning of yourself.

During this Journey you may amass a following, a cult, perhaps find an artifact of power, or demanse/manse to call your own. In this journey you may begin to gain the heartsblood of animals, or make friends whom you can call upon later. Perhaps find a Lover, or one you lost many life-times ago.

In this you may eventually meet a No Moon, and you have chosen your path, and be waiting your tattoos. Or perhaps, you perform a feat that would be sung for the ages ever after, and determine your caste after attuning your soul to The single Phase of the Moon, so that you do not need to be tattooed.

Why play a Casteless? Why not? Theres a greater deal of variables to gain in a Journey of self discovery.


1: By not having any charms based on Appearance to not penalise players who want to play ugly characters, does this not lower the value of appearance as an attribute? If someone were to play a slow character with a low dexterity, are they not penalised for having a slow character? Why is Appearance lessend in its value in this manner?

2: By evenly distributing all given attribute points for an Caste'd Lunar, their lowest given attribute will be 2. Applying the 2 dot attribute to Appearance, makes the character "normal" by appearance standards, not ugly, not pretty. It would be unfair to compare the Appearance requirements for charms found in the Autochthonian book, due to the power creep, and such factors, but for most of the stealth related charms, Appearance of 2 is all you need.

The Castes said to exemplify their Appearance, and their Use of Illusions are the Waxing, and Waning Castes. As shown by Sixtens' Table, Appearance is the favoured attribute of those two castes. It can be assumed that with the loss of these two castes, that the Illusion charms (which logically should be based on Appearance) were lost also. This is merely a rationale, not canon.

Social Attributes that Aren't Wholly Socially Focused

The use of Charisma and Manipulation seem to be used differently for Lunars, in that Charisma, being your ability to hold presence over others, is your ability to shape-shift ones-self. Manipulation, the ability to sway others with words an actions, is your ability to shape-shift external factors. If used with the assumption from above that Appearance, your physical graces, ability to sway others with Illusions, then the trio is complete.

What this means? Nothing really, just that the "Social" Attributes mean more to a Lunar than simply their ability to stand out / blend into a crowd. However, this was never really explained or expanded upon in the Lunars book, which either makes it a glaring error, or lost oppertunity. In any case, just somthing to point out.

A Sixth (Seventh) Caste?

As it stands there are 6 known Lunar castes: Full Moon, Waxing Moon, Half Moon, Waning Moon, No Moon, and the more currently created, Changing Moon Castes.

Now, given this Table by Sixten, we see that no attribute is used more than twice using the 5 original Castes. However, only 3 attributes are used once each, they are Strength, Charisma, and Intelligence.

Could this be another caste? A mytical un-heard of aspect akin to the Alchemical Adamant caste? Would it be related to the Lunar Eclipse? Logically it should be, but Creation is flat not sphereical, so that aint gonna work :P.

What does this mean? Nothing really, unless you want to introduce a new caste. Ooooh Plot-hook.