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I don't mean to complain or ruin the fun people have here, but isn't there a better name for the Pimp box section? There are two problems with it. First, I didn't understand the purpose of it (advertising your own work). Second, there are some..should I say...rather obvious sexual connotations in it. This is not necessary. I know some feminist, non-english native (male and female) roleplayers that probably would dismiss this forum because of this section's title. I wouldn't want that to happen. To be honest, I'm a bit turned off too. However, I have no idea how corroborated the term is. It could be the case that I'm just not sensitive to the dynamics of the English language, I don't know. Can we use "Bimp" instead? By doing so, we can reduce the prejudice that roleplaying is only for immature, adolescent boys. - Clebo

Pimp is a strange word. While its only "official" definition is that of a "procurer of women," the word's meaning is changing rapidly in its modern environment. Use as the word as applied here is not unusual, in my experience. Enough, I might add, that the more technical definition didn't occur to me once. I also encounter the word in improvisation theatre, referring to an action that puts another on the spot, under pressure. Not a "good" thing, but also not remotely sexual.

My verdict? I'm of the mind that changing it would not be an optimal choice, since I, at least, and I expect many others, read only what was intended from the word. (If I'm wrong here, correct me.) I think a one-letter substitution would be a silly solution, making most of us think of the meaning the change was intended to avoid.


I share Domino's opinion (obviously, since I instituted the Pimp Box), but hey, if it bothers you, change it. If you do, I'd suggest renaming it "promo space" or "the ego box" or something like that, because "bimp" sounds silly and is obviously just "pimp" with the "p" turned upside down.\\ _Ikselam

Not bothering me either, but then I'm in high school. Not much bothers me. Probably due to some minor psychological disorder. I agree that if the pimp-box must be renamed, at least rename it something that describes what it is for. You are 'pimping' your ideas. Most of our fellow Forumites (is anyone around here *not* a forumite?) will know that the connotation in this setting is not sexual and understand it for what it is. "Bimp"ing your stuff..eh. No. Promo-Box will suffice if we must de-pimp. - Telgar

It doesn't really bother me that much, but I wouldn't want two things, namely, (a) make anyone suspect that this site is something it isn't, and (b) offend anyone by simply changing labels without some kind of consent. I would rather keep the present label than ruin the fun for the active posters here. Now, I have no idea how important the present label is to others. So, does anyone mind that I change the label to "promo space"? Clebo

I'm not a forumite.  :-D

How about "User Updates". Simple, generic and easily changed to UserUpdates for long running archival. - Balthasar

Nice idea, Clebo! I much prefer "promo space" ... it even sounds good. ^_^ I didn't think anything of the word, but you are right. It does have connotations I don't like either.

By the way, I'm really glad nobody commented on the other interpretation of your question. ^_^ -- BrokenShade

I also do improv, and it gets used there all the time. Pimping for someone or something on stage means to make leading statements or gestures that have an obvious referent, but which currently does not exist. A player from offstage is then supposed to come in and take up the asked-for role. Pimping our activities in general means to drum up publicity. Our publicity chair is unofficially referred to as the No Parking Players Pimp.

-- Mapache

Rock on, improv! (My group, the Throng, has a show tonight.) Domino

We use pimping in improv to mean getting another player to do actions that you yourself probably would do. Such games like Here Comes Charlie or Stunt Double could be called pimping games. -BogMod

--- Why do you need a pimp box? Because pimping isn't easy.

If folks are sweating y'all about it, then change it up, but don't succumb to some throes of pseudo-liberal guilt about using a word that is in the popular culture. I don't think that there's any fear of anyone coming in here and thinking to themselves, "Self, can I gets me som 'ho's up in this mugg?" Folks, are smart enough, and most have enough cultural literacy to get the gag. That's why it's a gag. If Tycho and Gabe at PA and RK.Milholland at SP can both be mad pimping, then I suspect the Wiki can do with a little as well. We're all adults, or at least dang close to it, to survive a little naughty reference or two. Jakk Bey