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General Discussion Forum for Chasing the Sun

Put general comments and questions about the story as a whole here.


Well, thanks to EJGRgunner and Ikselam's work in the past two chapters, a good deal of tension in the plot has been relieved, and much of the mystery introduced in the earlier chapters has been smoothed out to the point that it's interesting instead of crazy. Also, the story's split itself into some clear but interwoven threads: from what I can tell, the three original characters are a fairly cohesive group, who interact with the Warden and Allandra, and those two interact with Dirt and Iron and all the craziness up in Heaven. At the moment, it looks like WoJ is with the mystery crew in Yu-Shan. D&I is up to something that's doubtless information-loaded, but not immediately interesting. Too bad, I liked him. The current setup lets me run two simultaneous stories, one in Creation and one in Yu-Shan, or I could do more main-character assertion. I'm going to request that someone else write a cameo for Pepo - it seems like, if he's to be a recurring character, it'll be time for him to make an appearance - but I don't want to do that bit myself. I think it would be a disservice to Roger's work were I to simply leave the clarity he's created to rot, and so...what do I do?

  • Dellano has a map and instructions from MC Mysterious himself - revealed as a Chosen of Endings!
  • WoJ is a smart, smart guy.
  • With D&I and A. out of the picture temporarily, W can act more freely and overtly for a time. Obviously he's not going to tell anyone what he's up to - but can he do something that'll reveal his intentions more obviously?

- willows

Dissolvegirl had a fairly insightful/interesting idea about WoJ, down near the bottom ofChasingTheSun/GeneralForumArchive._Ikselam