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Cast Listing for Chasing the Sun

Quick crib-sheet format for now, may pretty it up later.

Main Characters

Nightingale Jasper (chpt1, 2, 3)

  • is male, and relatively young.
  • has blue eyes, and sandy blond hair.
  • is a down-on-his-luck scavenger.
  • is a Solar, Eclipse Caste. His past life's anima banner was a "sun shrouded by a lotus blossom." (chpt2)
  • Exalted roughly three years ago.
  • has vivid dreams of his past life, and obsessively searches for the Manse he sees in those dreams.
  • has displayed knowledge of Harmonious Presence Meditation and Spirit-Steadying Assurances (thus Master Horseman's Eye, as well); it's strongly implied that he also knows Irresistible Salesman Spirit (and by extension, Frugal Merchant Method, Insightful Buyer Technique, and Consumer-Evaluating Glance)and Listener-Swaying Argument. He definitely does NOT know Unshakeable Bloodhound Technique.
  • once worked for a woman named Calia.
  • was the only survivor of some disaster which befell one of Calia's scavenging expeditions; this corresponded to his Exaltation.
  • was rescued by Mahi-Sura at least once.
  • knows how to use a spear.
  • Does not know his past life's name. Elizabeth says, "He identifies with his past life so strongly that I doubt he'd ever even want to separate that person from himself."

Mahi-Sura (chpt1, 2, 3)

  • is female, not described as particularly young- or old-looking.
  • has a dark complexion, wavy black hair, and dark eyes.
  • wears earrings made from rattlesnake rattles, and lines her eyes with kohl like an ancient Egyptian.
  • has a small business as an apothecary/herbalist.
  • is a Lunar, of indeterminate Caste (probably No-Moon).
  • has Diamondback Rattlesnake as her Totem, and a silver-lined scaled diamond on her forehead as a Tell (I envision her having similar diamond markings along her back -- for the obvious reason -- but don't actually say it in the story).
  • may or may not be a member of the Silver Pact (I think she is, but I don't actually say anything in the story which would lead a reader to that conclusion).
  • may know Blood On The Wind (and thus Heightened Smell & Taste Method, and Sense-Sharpening Change); almost certainly has some way of defeating Trail Concealing Measurement.
  • saved Jasper's life at least once.
  • was Jasper's scavenging buddy for a significant period of time.
  • knows how to use a spear.
  • reads Old Realm

Major Supporting Players

Dellano Rift (chpt1, 2, 3)

  • is male, not described as particularly young- or old-looking.
  • is tall, slim, and black, with dark eyes and dreadlocks. Has a beard. Wears beads in his hair.
  • is Dragon-Blooded, pretty obviously Earth Aspect.
  • is a well-known and successful scavenger.
  • is strongly implied to know Trail Concealing Measurement (and by extension, Quarry Revelation Technique and Wild-Wandering Forester Charm). Used Unsleeping Earth Meditation. (chpt2)
  • found an orichalcum dire lance which ties in with Jasper's past-life visions.
  • has reasonable, but incorrect, ideas about the nature of Jasper's obsession.
  • was at one point a member of the Immaculate Order, though he fled when he relized that while what they did was for a reason, he could not contribute in the destruction of someone that was to that point an innocent.
  • Recounts memories verbally if he is not careful, almost like a war veteran.
  • has displayed some knowledge of occult lore.

Allandra, the Chronicler of Thunders (aka Memory of Storms) (1, 2, 3, 4, 7)

  • has red anima flare
  • made mystery pact with Yu Shan Sidereals to enter their service for protection from the Ursurpation
  • has no memories other than those she's been paid with
  • is put into cold storage between message to stymie the growth of her power, the Curse, and the regaining of her memories.
  • acts as hitman for high-powered targets for Sidereals
  • her first hit was Jasper's previous incarnation
  • is paid in memories
  • keeps tokens of her battles; Jasper's spear was her favorite
  • designed Jasper's spear
  • always wears a scaft of shawl over her face
  • Jasper loved her once

Dirt and Iron Historian (3, 4)

  • Sidereal, chosen of Secrets
  • works as messenger for Chronicler of Thunders
  • likes his lack of a desk job
  • proper British gentle-butler, knows kung fu
  • has demonstrated knowledge of the Methodology of Secrets, a stunted application of Creation-Smuggling Procedure, and a Journeys speed-increasing Charm, possibly the Forward-Thinking Technique
  • was Dust and Iron Historian until the destruction of this name

Minor Characters, and Color


  • Taka, a red-haired woman who frequents Scavenger's Rise. (chpt1)
  • Jak, a man in Dellano's employ. (chpt1)
  • Faulong, a man in Dellano's employ. (chpt1)
  • Greenbrow, a man in Dellano's employ. Dead; unable to resist the wiles of the Fair Folk. (chpt2)
  • Calia, a woman for whom Jasper once worked. Presumed dead, killed by currently-undefined event which led to Jasper's Exaltation.(chpt1)
  • Warden of Jade, a Chosen of Saturn in contact with Dirt and Iron. Can attack names, apparently. Is trying to do something with the Chronicler of Thunders, who is in his captivity. (chpt3, 7)
  • Detective Pepo. An Elemental-Blooded investigator in Great Forks. Can speak with plants/plant spirits. Son of Lady of the Winter Squash, ashamed of his heritage. Currently investigating the battle in Jasper's apartment. (chpt5)


  • Lamut Bronze Hands and Senmut Bronze Eyes, twin brother and sister (respectively); preside over graves and memorials. Sometimes called the Verdigrised Twins. Live outside Great Forks in the Temple of Memories, which is the center of the settlement of Scavenger's Rise. Deal extensively in antiquities. (chpt1)
  • Hezka the Radiant Queen Bee, a goddess of Great Forks' beekeepers. (chpt1)
  • Askathad the Flickering Lord, sometimes called the God of Waxen Lights, a Great Forks candlemakers' god. (chpt1)
  • Lady of the Winter Squash, patron of some rural squash farmers. Owes Jasper a favor. (chpt1) Estranged from her son, Detective Pepo, an investigator in Great Forks. (chpt5)
  • Khentkheti of Leaves, a wicker crocodile; perhaps an ally of Dirt and Iron, spied on Dellano and Mahi-Sura (chpt3, 7)
  • Scarlet Dragon of Vermeil Heavens, Celestial Censor, and therefore a Lesser Elemental Dragon. Auditing Dirt and Iron. (chpt5)
  • Ur-Omn, He Who Bears Witness to All Crimes, a god who has sentenced Jasper to 10 deaths. (chpt 4) Primarily worshipped in the South; often delegates punishment of crimes to those who were sinned against. (chpt 6)

First Age Personae

  • Hhatay, a man, Dawn. A dervish, fighting with two glass swords. Has a long white beard. One of Jasper's past-life Circle. Loves the Zenith. (chpt1, 3, 7)
  • Usmed, a man, Night. Looks and dresses like a Babylonian. One of Jasper's past-life Circle; evidently did not like Jasper's First Age persona. (chpt1, 3, ?7)
  • Sarai, a woman, Zenith. Has refractive hair. The leader of Jasper's past-life Circle. Loves the Dawn. (chpt1, 3, 7)