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Experiment with a Warstrider artifact, could prolly stand to be revised in a simpler and streamlined way.

To Do List

  • work on some backstory for my characters for between the end of the last campaign and the start of the new one

House Rules and Rulings

Things I'm partial to or want to experiment with

I wanna play with this but am concerned it needs a slight balance tweak vs single wielding
I'm mostly happy with these, except that I'd want to take a closer look at the Limit Break stuff if I was running a Lunar game
Because I'm in the camp of "Make This More Useful"
sounds reasonable
ought to go over these specifically to see which I'd like to use
Medivh's version - Someone pointed out that looking at things in terms of two rounds at a time makes some of my concerns about PC Initiative go away. However, I'm still concerned that the tactical thing to do for characters wielding high speed weapons against opponents with exotic maneuverability is that they should forgo said weapons and pull out a knife or attempt to punch, kick, clinch, etc. I'm also concerned that canon initiative charms are written with positive initiative being a good thing and vice versa in mind. Things like Secrets of Future Strife sound really silly when it penalizes you.
characters can buy as many specialties as they wish, but only three can be applied to any given roll

The Workshop

Where I organize thoughts before releasing them to the wiki

I'm pondering a house rule that gives you a steadily growing initiative bonus for each round that you are completely defensive because it seems like if you're able to put up a significantly higher set of initiative bonuses than your opponent, then barring things like counterattack charms, reflexive defenses and such, the defender never gets a chance to attack back (well, at least not unless they want to try and eat 1 or more undefended attacks first, post-PC this is a really bad way to go). Now granted, most Exalts that are at least moderately interested in combat will prolly have the sorts of charms that make high initiative opponents not so overwhelming, and the way initiative is set-up, it may be one of those things that supports just how badass Solars are given their good access to said charms. Overall, something I'm pondering but not dead set on.

Hmm, note to self to check out DariusSollumanLunarsRevised

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