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Until I can get the wiki modified to support themes and whatnot, does this seem good? If not, how should I change it? Do you have a better stylesheet? -- DaveFayram

Well I like it, but I've always been partial to dark backgrounds and light text rather than light BGs and dark text. Other than that, though, I think it works, I wouldn't say it strikes me as particularily 'Solar' but I am not too sure if you were going for 'Solar' or just going for a different color scheme so it could be my bad. -- MidKnight

Top notch! ~Mailanka

The color scheme looks good, but I am not crazy about the right-justified subheaders. I think left-justified or centered would be better, simply because all other text starts on the left, so that is the side of the screen a reader's eyes tend toward. _Ikselam

I'll change it when I get home from work. How does the image floating to the left render. Is it okay for everyone? Image or no image? -- DaveFayram

Uh... I see the Exalted logo in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Is that what you are talking about? I think it's a nice touch. _Ikselam

This page is currently among the Orphans. I see it's been some time since this page has been used. Any suggestions about it's placement?