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Why the Primordials Lost

A long, long time ago, before the First Age even began...

In between turns at the Games of Divinity two Primordials, let's call them Bob and Tom, are talking.

Hey, Bob. You know these mortals, right? Well, they have this thing that they call "dying". Must be really popular because they're doing it all the time. Only we can't! Does that seem right to you?
No, it doesn't. If these "mortals" can do it, then so can we! And we can do it better.

Some time after the First Age began...

Yes, Bob?
You're a twat!


This story seems like what a fight between an Exalt and a Primordial would look like. Just think what 900 of those could do! - Raindoll

Yes Brother! Fight for the cause! .. .. hehe.. that story was sooo funny.. and that probably is roughly what a primordial is thinking as a solar attacks him :) FluffySquirrel

("Not the face, not the face-!") - DigitalSentience