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Discussion of WBM in-progress.

I was just wondering (in that nagging fan way when does the next book come out?) how Ikselam and EndlessChase were doing on their next couple of segments. Nope. Nothing interesting to see here. - willows

I'm in the planning stage right now; just need to decide how I'm going to orchestrate the completely-out-of-left-field idea I had. I'm going to make a push and see if I can get a draft completed over the weekend.\\ _Ikselam

Sorry about my lack of updates and the time I've spent so far. I've had a hell of a week, but it seems to have cleared up enough for me to get some good writing time in. I should have my stuff up by tomorrow night, but don't hate me if it's another day off. -EndlessChase

Heck, you've got until Monday night. I'm all for getting parts in early, but don't feel pressured to rush.\\ _Ikselam

Yay, chapter three is up! Enjoy! -Dim