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Here is what I think.

What ExaltedWiki is.

  • Much of ExaltedWiki consists of a big database of custom Charms, Artifacts, HearthStones, and what-have-you. This content is mainly assumed to be static. Some of it is posted by the creators themselves; some is archived from other sources.
  • There are some areas which are devoted to explicitly collaborative projects, like WhirlWindBrushMethod or LexiconOfElderDays.
  • It's also a place for Exalted fans to interact. It's unlike an actual bulletin board, because a lot of the mingling goes on backstage, via email, chat, or actual bulleting boards. What it does is give people a very easy, accessible way to put their work on display, and see other people's ideas. It is unlike a collection of RealWebSites in that it's all one big blob, and that big blob all has to do with Exalted.

What ExaltedWiki should be.

  • It should be an integrated blob of Exalted stuff. By this, I mean that there should be more cross-linking, and less apprehension about writing content which is explicitly inspired by other ExaltedWiki content. We should make efforts to ensure that our methods of WikiOrganization encourage this.
  • It should welcome all forms of expression. Organic, collaborative projects are great, but so is finished CustomContent. We aren't all playing in the same game, so it's naive to think that CustomContent should be thrown completely open to the public, in the belief that some kind of DynamicEquilibrium will be reached. By the same token, ExaltedWiki should be a community, not an archipelago; treating WikiAsMicrocosmOfWeb ignores its potential. Skewing too much in favor of one model is to ignore the fact that both have value. As a wise CRPG character once said, "There must be balance, in all things."


I entirely agree. "Integrated blob" is probably the best term I've heard yet. :p - Dimitryi