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Okay, you've clicked my name. So now, i bet your wondering whats here, who is this mysterious Thealf? and how does he keep his hair so clean and flowing?

= To answer the above = 

I'll answer in reverse order to keep you on your toes.

first, it's shampoo and water atleast once a month.

second, I am the almighty and the great, the perfect combination of brains and brawn, the power that keeps the government powers of the earth going, The brilliant Thealf!!

Third, Anything and everything, well, anything that i conjure up in the fantastic powerhouse i call my brain.

And so, reader, you ask me, 'but Thealf, how do we know if we should read what's below? And do your muscles really bulge to the size of a pregnant racoon?'

Well, young (or old!) reader, all i can say is read on, and the answer shall reveal itself. (50 push-ups every other sunday.)

= About my group = 

See Blig001's page, it has all the information you will need.


= On to the good stuff = 

Well, my good reader, you have done well, to reach this far without completely falling unconsious just thinking of my great visage, and now i shall reward you with an example of my true greatness.

= Dragons =

Backround and rules for Dragons. And maybe a hidden message or two showing my top secrets to keeping my glorious stomach muscles shining like ice.


= Intermission =
= Artifacts = 

And so i see you thinking 'Wow you really do have perfect sized feet and a yummy looking behind. But what should my character use to kill stuff with?'

Why Thankyou.

And, here are the artifacts.


= Setting = 

Lost In Time

= Current Campaign = 

I am currently in Blig001'c campaign,

A New Kind of Threat