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And on this page shall be items of armour and of weaponry, the stuff that kings use to rule and that peasants use to become kings. The artifacts.


If i have put 2 artifact values, like 4/5, it means the rating is as yet undecided, and you can read it and choose whichever you feel is correct.

= Tsunami Claws = 

These claws were crafted by a master immaculate as a gift to Daana’d. They are said to be able to hit as hard and as fast as a tsunami, and have certainly proven to have some water related effect in their many battles used against anathema.

They count as signature weapons for the water dragon style.

|| ||Spd||Acc||Dam||Defense||Rate||Minimum||Attune|| Artifact || ||Tsunami Claw ||4||+4||+6L||+2||3||Str 1, Dex 2||6m|| 3 for the pair ||

On a successful attack, the weilder may expend one mote of essence and the target takes 3 extra ticks until his next action, as with the water version of the various ‘Dragon Graced X’ charms. It can never add more than 3 ticks to a single action.

= Rushing Tide Blades = 

Created for a great practitioner of the Water Dragon Style, These weapons appear to be gauntlets made of black jade, until the wielder reflexively activates them causing slightliy curved 3 foot long blades extend from the wielder's hand, perpendicular to his arm, so they look a little like Tsunami blades. The wielder must keep his fists clenched for the blades to remain extended. These blades are lightning fast, and primarily made for defence, though after knocking an opponents weapon away they can make quick slashing attacks. Infact, most parries are these quick slashing attacks. Whenever the wielders parry DV completely overcomes an attackers attack, the wielder may spend one mote and make a counterattack against any attack, using his current parry DV as an attack pool(before the -1 for counterattacking is applied). Additionally, the guard action becomes a +2 DV action, adding two to the wielder's DV when guarding. As long as the wielder only used one to attack last action, the other counts as a shield, adding 1 DV to close attacks and 2 to ranged attacks.

There is no offhand penalty to wield paired set, jade bonus is already included.

|| || Spd || Acc || Dmg || Def || Rate || Attune || Min || Cost || Tags || || Rushing Tide Blades || 3 || -1 || +5L || +15 || 2 || 10 || Dex 4 || Artifact 5 for pair || M ||

= Reflex Charm = 

Worn around the neck of most dynasts, this charm is made entirely of blue jade and aids those who have fear of attack. When an axalt who has commited 1 mote to the charm is attacked, he may add two to the DV he chooses to use against the attack.

Artifact 1

= Emblem Of The Five Glorious Dragons = 

The dragonblooded are known to be masters of group combat and coordinated attacks, and this artifact was created to stretch that concept to the limit. This artifact takes the form of a circular slab of jade, about a foot across, with an emblem depicting the five elemental dragons. It is as light as a stone of the same size. When 5 or more people, mortal or exalt, all lay their hands on the jade and each one with an essence pool expends 5 motes, There is a blinding flash of light and the slab of jade is no more, though the emblem is now shown on all the members sheilds, sword hilts, armour, and even bare stomachs if there is no other place. Each member has at least one emblem showing on his person. These people are now treated as attuned weilders of the artifact. Each one of them is aware of where each one is and what they are doing in detail as long as they are within 100 yards of eachother. All attempts to coordinate attacks are at a + 4, with an additional +1 for every 5 motes spent at the begining. Although they cannot transfer complex battle plans amongst eachother, they all know what each of them is planning to do in the next 5 ticks. For every 5 motes spent at the activation of the artifact, each attuned exalt gains an extra die to all combat pools, and mortals recieve half this bonus. These benefits are also confered to any mount that an exalt rides to battle, though not to a mortal without an essence pool. In mass combat, this artifact can affect a single unit of any magnitude, as long as it is lead by an exalt. That unit adds 2 to it's might and 3 to it's close combat rating, aswell as one to its ranged combat rating. The unit will never rout.

Artifact 4

= Flaming Swords Of Chaos = 

Created as weapons for the fire dragon style, These swords appear to be average red jade daiklaves, until someone attunes to them. when an attuned weilder holds them in his hands, they glow and blaze, a constant flame. These flames are magical and will not harm the weilder, although they may used to start fires at storyteller discretion. The flames are almost perfect in the way that they flicker and blow in the wind, seemingly random but mezmorising movements, the exact form that fire dragon martial artists try to emulate. When attuned these blades are treated as if they are constantly under the effects of the fire version of the 'Dragon Graced X' charm, effectively increasing damage by 4. Additionally, the flames linger on the target for a short while, and can be fed up to a roaring blaze if a weilder can skillfully strike the same spots to act as a base for the fire. After all attacks are concluded on an opponent, if there was more than one attack, the target must roll stam + resistance, difficulty (number of successful attacks). Success indicates that the target resisted the flames, while on a failure the target is actually set on fire. The target burns for 20 ticks, taking damage as if he were standing in a bonfire. These flames will not subside prematurely, unless the victim is doused in a volume of water twice as great as the size of the fire, so while a bucket from a well will not suffice, jumping into the sea usually will.


|| || Spd || Acc || Dmg || Def || Rate || Min || Cost || Attune || || Flaming Swo.. || 3 || +4 || +5(9)L || +1 || 3 || Str 2, Dex 3 || Artifact 4 for a pair || 8 for the pair ||

= Helm of the Wave Rider = 

This helmet, which probably actually contains some body of water in it, has always looked different on the many who have worn it. This is because, when an exalt attunes 5 motes to it, it shifts and swirs, as if it were fluid, and solidifies in whatever shape the wearer desires. It will always appear a bright saphire blue, though. This helm is close to giving an exalt command over water at the scale of an elemental, allowing him to not only shape water but become it, or, it becomes him. The exalt may reflexivly activate the helm for a scene, and his movement blur with water, as his body becomes fluid. Whenever he moves, water splashes from his limbs, and he leaves puddles in his footprints, though these evaporate quickly. The exalt may command this water, though, using it as if it were rope or even a weapon. He may cause himself to surge forwards as a wave, or leap as a hot geyser. He may triple his jumping distance and double his movement distance, by using water in this way. The water he uses actually becomes real when used in this way, forming puddles where he travels. He may even use this water as a weapon, causing speeding water to surge along blade, or even surge with along an arrow's path. Attacks supplemented in this way add 8 dice to their damage and increase the difficulty to avoid knockdown by the same amount. This surge of water also allows the attack to plow through the target into another, like a giant wave. if an attack successfully knocks a target down, then the attack may carry on into another target within 10 yards. The attack attempts to hit the target with an amount of successes equal to the difficulty to avoid knockdown - the number of successes the first target rolled to avoid knockdown. All other attack modifiers apply, such as an artifact that enhances attacks or a charm that was used on the first target (in the same attack.) This artifact cannot be used with if the exalt has any mobility penalties.

Artifact 3/4

=== 'Lost In Time' Artifacts ===
= Sand Of Time = 

This sand is incredibly hard to find, as it appears to be normal sand, and is found in deserts. Only mere luck can locate it. It is no ordinary sand, though. When anyone throws the sand, which does not require a roll, it drifts and blows around, and affects everyone within 5 yards of whoever threw it, excluding themselves. Time warps and bends around them, And they slow down and speed up randomly. Over the next 10 ticks, they roll a dice every tick. On a success they act one tick earlier than normal, on a failure they act one tick later than normal. A specially made glass cordial contains enough sand to last 2 uses per scene, and throwing the sand is a miscallaneous action (speed 2, Dv -3). Patches of the sand can be found anywhere in a desert, though how is up to the storyteller. Obviosly, a character could pick up and throw this sand, but it would be lost after one use.

A cordial of the sand is artifact 2.

= Time Ripping Bracers = 

These bracers contain Sand Of Time, jade and starmetal, and are able to sence a blow coming and can alter the time around the attack, allowing the wielder to get a counterattack (at full dice pool) before the opponent makes his attack, by spending 3 motes when the opponent declares the attack. All the normal rules for counterattacks apply. ( except the attack is before the original attack). The bracers cost 3 motes to attune.

Artifact 3

= Reality Warping Stasis Trap =

This artifact takes the form of a small blue box, which weighs as much as a yeddim unless an exalt attunes to it for 6 motes. At any time, and attuned axalt may activate the box as a reflexive action that may only be used on his turn, and then chaos breaks out around him. The player rolls a dice for every creature, event (such as an earthquake) or object that does something (like a rolling ball) within 100 yards. (things like earthquakes which take up a large area may only need to touch the area affected) Whatever the player rolls, they are suspended in time for that many ticks. In 10 ticks, the roll is repeated, and it carries on like this for however long the player likes. The player need not roll for himself the first time, but the second roll he does, and on subsequent rolls he adds one to the result for him only, as the trap is based on him. When suspended in time, things stop still, reducing both DVs to 0 and they may not activate any charms. They do not act during this time, it delays their action. Example: A lunar will act in 3 ticks. An opponent uses this artifact, and rolls a 4 for the lunar. The lunar is suspended in time for 4 ticks, and ofter those 4 ticks his action is still 3 ticks away. If anything is suspended for 11 ticks or more,(which can only be the character who actiated it) they become suspended forever, as the box keeps adding ticks to their never ending stasis. The box will stay active forever aswell, so all things in 100 yards probably want to leave.

Artifact 4

= Time Killer = 

This 6 and a half foot long weapon has a handle almost as long as the blade, which is a foot wide. The size and length of this weapon makes it heavy even when attuned, and for a wielder to use it effectively he must use it as an awkward extension to his body, lifting his arms high in the air to strike the enemy low and twisting his wrist almost completely backwards to swing it. The blade of this weapon is made of unknown material, that shines and eerie blue light when the sun is reflected off it, instead of a normal golden glow. It is known, however, that Sand Of Time was a main ingredient in it's construction. As such, it has some strange effects, and time just doesn't seem to run smoothly around it. When someone is struck by the blade, they become nonexistance in time. Noone is sure where they went, but the just don't seem to exist during a short period of time. At the end of the wielder's action, anyone struck by the blade disappears for 3 ticks, where nothing can affect them, and after those 3 ticks they return to existance, and they must still wait the normal time until their next action. (If they had 3 ticks before they act when they were struck, they still have 3 ticks to go when they come back.) Anyone killed by the blade no longer exists, as the blade destroys the time in which the target exists aswell as the target itself. Their bodies will exist, but not in that time, so finding them is a mystery even the oldest of Sidereals cannot decipher. When not in time, things are twisted and weird. The target, when outside time, will experience an attack from the blade, which will actually be the same attack that sent a target outside time in the past. They suffer another attack from Time Killer When they are sent outside time. This attack does not actually damage the target, but for each health level they would have suffered they gain a -1 internal penalty(-2 penalty = -1 DV) until the end of the scene, as they did not experience the real attack but time twisted their minds so they did again, but in reality they didn't. (if you get what i mean.) Additionally, an attuned wielder can reflexively use the blade to remove himself from time for a short while. When there, as stated before time is not relevant, he could drop something there and it could still be falling the next time he goes there in many years time. This grants an effect similar to leaving items in Elsewhere, except the item may not actually be there, at storyteller discretion, The character does not know where in outside time he left his things. The character cannot stay in nonexistance for more than a scene, as being lost from time for that long will close the 'portal' that allowed him to enter, and if he didn't leave then he never would. The speed of Time Killer is completely random, as the blade strangely affects the time around it, so it's swings speed up one second and slow down the next. Instead of having a speed value, After he attacks or performs a flurry involving an attack, he rolls a die every tick. On a success, he acts on that tick.

Inanimate objects struck by the blade are sent out of time for 3 ticks as usual. If the object is large, like a wall, then only the section hit will be removed from time.

The length of the blade also means that the character can bring it in long, sweeping arcs. He may attack up to 3 targets with one attack if they are all in range.

|| || Spd || Acc || Dmg || Def || Rate || Attune || Min || Artifact || Tags || || Time Killer || Special || +1 || +20L/5 || +1 || 1 || 12 || Str 4 || 4/5 || M,P,R,2,O ||

= Warper Blades =

These blades are about 3 feet long, and a few inches from the handle the blade curves into the shape of a large 'C'. These blades are wielded in pairs, and those who discovered them like to think there are multiple copies, though only one pair has been found thus far. These blades can be whirled in circles, twirled in any direction, they can make slashing or stabbing attacks, the curved blade is at the same angle of the optimum position of the arm in a combat situation, allowing them to be wielded as extensions to the body rather than blades. Anyone who sees these blades or an attuned wielder will notice something strange, though: the wielder does everything incredibly fast. These blades warp the sense of time in the wielder's mind, making him think he is at normal speed when actually he speeds up considerably. All training times are cut in half, and all charms, which involve practicing moves and katas, halve experience point costs aswell. The wielder's movement rate is constantly doubled, which may cause problems on carual strolls through the park. He reduces the speed of all combat actions which aren't attacks by 2, and time required for certain dramatic actions may be halved if the storyteller sees fit. The wielder reduces all multiple action penalties by his dexterity, to a minimum of -1. Superhuman speed can cause problems, however. For example, the wielder is often thinking of the next comment before he finishes his sentance, and if noone else is at the same speed it can be quite frustrating. The character loses patience at everyone else's 'extremely slow' speed, and suffers a penalty to temperance rolls, ranging from -1 to -5, as the storyteller sees fit. For example, speaking to a village elder who speaks extremely slowly might impose a -2 or -3 penalty, while he might recieve a -5 penalty if he has to stand still for an extremely long time while a slow artist paints his portrait.

In combat, the blades are constantly spinning, slashing and stabbing, And the two blades are used equally in a fight. The wielder acts for each blade seperately, effectively getting two independant actions instead of one. However, one of the actions can only attack, guard or aim. When the two action have a different speed value, they just carry on on different ticks, though one can still only attack, guard or aim. As they are different actions, multpile action penalties are calculated for each action seperately. There is no offhand penalty if wielding a paired set.

|| || Spd || Acc || Dmg || Def || Rate || Min || Attune || Cost || Tags || || Warper Blades || 4 || +5 || +7L || +4 || 3 || dex 4 || 12 for the pair || Artifact 5 for the pair || M ||

= Auspicious Body Blades =

These blades, which can be made of any magical material, may be fixed onto the elbow or the knees, so that a curves blade comes to a sharp point at the end of the appropriate limb. They do not manipulate time, as much as they use it. The target just happens to make a mistake as the blow is struck, and happen to be in th right place at the right time for the blade to hit. These blades enhance normal punch and kick attacks, and disarming them is quite hard, it is easier to chop the arm off, so they retain the N tag. All attacks made with the blades double the extra successes for the purposes of calculating raw damage, as it is in the impact, not the force of the blow where these blade's strength is.

These stats are added to a punch or kicks stats, and then a magical material bonus is added as normal. There is no offhand penalty as the set is wielded paired.

|| || Spd || Acc || Dmg || Def || Rate || Attune || Min || Cost || Tags || || Auspicious blades || -1 || +12 || +7L || +5 || +1 || 10 || Dex 4 || Artifact 4 for a pair || N, M ||

Artifacts of the immaculate dragons

= Oil Of Daana'd = 

This rare oil is given only to the most pious of immaculate monks and strongest believers in the immaculate order. A bottle of this contains an unlimited amount of oil, though the monks that keep it usually only let a dragonblooded use it once. Once applied, the weapon become a perfect embodiment of the tide, striking steadily every turn until the enemy falls. The weapon deals double minimum damage, and ignores hardness. Additionally, the weapon doubles all penalties that apply to a targets DV when attacking.

Artifact 4(for starting characters, artifact 4 represents that they have the oil on one of their weapons, the oil itself is kept by the immaculate order)

= Emblem Of Sextes Jylis = 

This Artifact permenantly enhances the power of an artifact. the emblem fits onto the hilt of a sword or the palm of a gauntlet, and costs an additional 4 motes to attune. Whenever the ehanced weapon successfully hits a target, thorny vines bore into the targets body and sprout into a new plant, using the victim as soil. The victime takes 1A/tick, which ignores armour. This effect lasts until the target succeeds on a single Stamina + Resistance roll, difficulty 4, which they may attempt as a simple speed 4 action. When the vines damage the target, do not actually mark off any health levels, and these levels do not stack with other health levels. When the target has suffered enough damage from this source to reduce him to incapacitated, he painfully dies as branches and leaves sprout from his body.

Artifact 3

Banner Of Pasiap

This banner bears the emblem of Pasiap, and is small enough to attach to an exalts back so the flag flies just above his head. The banner costs 5 motes to attune. As a simple speed 4 action, the exalt can place the banner in the ground, and spend 10 motes. The ground then begins to shake, and crevices open up, scarring the land. This effects an area with radius of 50 yards. All buildings and other inanimate objects take 5 automatic health levels a tick. Pits open up the ground, rocks shatter and it seems as if Gaia herself wanted to expel the exalt's enemies. slabs of rock are thrown to the air and dust swirls around, blinding creatures as the earth is turned upside down around them. All creatures in the area are battered by rocks as they fall from the ground which throws itself out from under their feet. They suffer 5 dice of bashing damage a tick, and as rocks tear apart their armour and batter their bodies around, they also lose one point of bashing soak every tick and one point of lethal soak every two ticks. Armour reduced to 0 soak it destroyed, while artifact armour regains all soak at the end of the scene. Additionally, all creatures must succeed on a difficulty 4 Dexterity + Athletics roll to avoid being knocked prone, and all prone creatures an additional 3 damage per tick. An area around the banner large enough to hold one person remains unharmed, and as such is usually where the exalt who activaited it stays. The effects of this banner last for 10 ticks, and when they finish the area looks as if a terrible earthquake has struck.

Artifact 5

= Eye Of The Storm, The Pride Of Mela = 

This Artifact takes the form of a gemstone, roughly the size of a harthstone, made of jade. It can fit onto any weapon, even those without hearthstone settings. Once fitted, it costs and additional 5 motes to attune. This stone changes the nature of the weapon in strange ways, granting it powers to emulate a storm. When drawn, a gusty wind surrounds the character, travelling at high enough speeds to give a -1 external penalty to all ranged attacks targeting the weilder. Instead of attack normally, the weapon may strike as lightning, acting as if it were a completely normal attack, except it has a range of 30 yards, adds 5 damage and makes it piercing. The attacks are as fast as a lightning strike, making them hard to dodge and to get a weapon in the way to parry, halving all DVs against the attacks. When attactched to two handed weapons, they do not get the range bonus.

Artifact 3

= Helmet Of Heiesh = 

This helmet is shaped like a raging flame, and is made entirely form red jade. Unlike the artifacts for the other 4 immaculate dragons, there is more than one copy of this helmet. It requires only 2 motes to attune, and 2 motes to activate. When the weilder activates it, the flames become real, and the wielder is surrounded by a mantle of flame. All creatures who want to attack him must first make a valor check, difficulty 2, as the flames flicker and crackle, and grow. The wielder gains 3 dots of appearance, as the flame surrounding his body somehow makes him seem more majestic. While active, he may control fire by will, including the fire that surrounds him, which is treated as a bonfire, though it will not harm the exalt or his possesions.

Artifact 3


Heya Thealf! Your artifact looks solid (although for balancing, I'd just as soon alter the effects such that a character need only commit an additional two motes to have the weapons behave as if they've been modified by Water Graced Weapon). I'm here to provide formating tips. You can create tables by using " || " in your formating. You simply need to bracket a value between two of those and it gets imbedded in a cell, like so: | | Example | |. (I've added extra spaces between the vertical lines to defeat the formatting, you'll want to remove those) This creates the following effect: ||Example||

So, you can effectively create a table by stringing together such cells by formating like so (once again i've added spaces to defeat formating):
| | Example | | Example | | Example | |
| | Example | | Example | | Example | |

By utilizing this method you can get a final result that looks like this: || ||Spd||Acc||Dam||Defense||Rate||Minimum||Attune|| ||Tsunami Claw ||4||+4||+6L||+2||3||Str 1, Dex 2||6m||

Hopefully that was helpful and clear-Ambisinister

Cool thanks for that, i was just about to look up how to create tables, as even in my unparalleled greatness there is still much to learn. -Thealf

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