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The wind whistled through the leaves. It was an ill wind, guided by a malevolent power. It was not a natural wind. A squirrel twitched its whiskers as it stood on a branch of a rosewood tree, pondering where to go look for nuts. It didn't like the wind. The tree didn't like the wind either, but being a tree, there wasn't much it could do. The squirrel on the other hand had many options. It went with its standard "Try to hide" routine. It liked that one. Unfortunately, hiding didn't work as well as it had with the large hawk that morning. As it cowered against the trunk, trying to shelter itself behind the leaves, the wind took form and struck swiftly.

As blood ran down the trunk of the tree, it didn't think. Trees usually don't. If it had been thinking though, the thoughts would have been something to the effect of "I sure am glad I'm not a squirrel."


I have to admit, I haven't really written much since high school. Not that I'm /that/ old, but I'm definitely out of practice. Feel free to point out typos, misspellings, etc. I am spell checking most of this, but I'm not proof reading it particularly carefully.

Fanfic Writings


On The Nature Of Exalted - Speculation Included



Did anyone else read Exalted second ed. and find themselves thinking "Sad Ivory is an 800 year old assassin, trained under the best educational infrustructure around, and she hasn't even managed to learn one freaking whole martial arts tree? What sort of BS is that?"

I've decided that this is my responce to a full time Engineering job. I needed some sort of outlet for the random nonsence floating around my head. If you're wondering what I mean, look at my bit about the Immaculate Philosophy. I mean, I reread that and think "Damn, this guy is crazy overanalysing." Unfortunatly I have stuff I need to be getting done in the evenings, and this isn't helping.

Anyone up for a game of Exalted in the Tokyo/Yokohama area? It would have to be weekends only, but I would definitely be interested.

This wiki needs a spell checker.

Personal Overview

Sometimes, a bit of context about a person helps understand their viewpoints. That said, I've listed some of the most potentially useless, superficial information about myself.

Male, Engineer, Mid 20s, American, but working in Japan. Fencer, though thats on hold. Have been following Exalted since Fall 2001, but I have never actually played a game due to time/availability constraints. Own a decent portion of the books anyway. Californian. Tree hugger. Reasonably Liberal, but I'm more interested in whether your beliefs are well thought out than if they agree with mine. Tends to play Devil's Advocate, taking increasingly absurd stances when people argue on an emotional level. IE - they know they disagree with me, but can't actually say why my opinion is bad other than "It just is" however nicely thats phrased. Has mild powergamer tendancies, but tries to repress them. Horrible spelling, matched only by my handwriting. Uses the passive form more than is considered proper in English - a habit reinforced by the fact that its perfectly valid gramatically in Japanese. Loves sushi. Most of these "sentances" would earn failing grades from an English teacher. My SSN is... wait, no, obviously I've given enough.


I also have to say, I love your prelude! - Have you tried looking for a game online, if you can't find any in tokyo?
-- Darloth

Err, no, the thought hadn't actually occured to me. How exactly do you go about finding a game online? Do we have a forum for people looking? --ExhilaratedRosewood

Welcome to the Exalted Wiki! If you are interested in finding an online game, many other Wikizens are run games online, and often recruit from the Wiki. Additionally, you can visit WoDIRC, as there are often games run by channel visitors there (though many are in-progress and could not easily take on an additional player, there is always a pretty good chance that someone will be trying to get a game started, and an equally good chance of some fun discussion). - David.