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Yo. Not much to say.

I fear change and Borgstrom. I eager await for Alchemicals to come out, so I can turn them into Transformers. Soulsteel could be Decepticons, Orichalcum Autobots, and everyone else could be annoying sub-factions that got introduced as a marketing ploy. e.g. Action Masters, Minicons, Mini-Spies.

Maybe I'll get some stuff up here one day. Cool stuff.

I like Brawl. I watch a lot of WWE, and that stuff just seems straight out of Brawl. I mean, its a performance and all, sure, but it wouldn't be that hard. People seriously hurt themselves in pro wrestling, and it's not always cause of the 'roids. Maybe steal the Aberrant rules for a Smackdown and modify them a bit for Exalted.

Generally, the Smackdowns in Abberant require Brawl or MA 2, and Mega-Strength of 1. Since Exalted doesn't have Mega-Strength, I guess I'd just say Strength 3.

Basically how it works in Aberrant is you spend a willpower and charge up for one turn, then let out an attack that does Strength + 6 in bashing.

There are two types, striking and grappling. For striking, you only get to parry one attack during your charge up turn. Next turn, you make an attack at +2 difficulty (so, diff 3, I guess). The opponent gets automatically knocked back or down, unless they make an Athletics roll at +3 diff (diff 4 in total, I guess).

The grappling one is a little more complex. First turn, you get the target into a successful hold. Next turn, you do something like a bodyslam, suplex, whatever (which you have to roll to hit for). If it succeeds, you do Strength +6 bashing, and automatically knock down (no roll). If you fail, the victim takes half damage and gets to make an Athletics roll to avoid it.

I think as it stands it could probably work out ok. Cut the willpower cost, though, since it's not really worth it for what you get. Mega-Strength ensures a fair bit of destruction you just don't get without it.