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This page in inspired from the MartialArts/MACreationGuide page and all the bad spells at Exaltedcompendium.

- Spells should not replicate charms. At least not charms at the same power level as the spell. No terrestial magic does the same as a DB charm. The reason behind this is that it is a lot easier to just learn the charm than to invent a new spell. This rule makes standard firebolt/icebolt spells invalid. Thay are already handeled in the Occult charm tree. Please add more...


I think this should be linked at Discussions.

Spells are user-independent. They operate on the Essence physics of the world, not of individual Exalted, and therefore they cannot duplicate Charms. They are one of two things: extremely blunt instruments (Magma Kraken) or highly overspecialized tools (Stony Sleep of Safety), lacking (individually) the versatility of Charm technology.

- willows

I'd like to make a point. They don't duplicate the way a Charm works (based on the particular Essence of an Exalt), but they can replicate an effect in a way. A good example is the Abyssal Presence Charm Skeleton Summoning Gesture. Necromancy does replicate this, but on a larger scale. Just a small point. - haren

IMHO, spells are best focused on effects that don't clearly fit into a particular charm category. Where a spell overlaps with the effects seen in a particular charm tree, the spell should be scruinized closely, and should be less efficient in terms of cost vs. effect. This is to maintain balance, since spells generally not only have lower prerequisites, but all share the same ones. This is particularly true for noncombat charms, where sorcery's normal balancing factors of slow activation and high cost aren't very limiting. (An example of such is "Incantation of Efficient Restoration", which I believe is too powerful when compared with "Crack Mending Technique", and which Scott Taylor (Outcastes: Lookshy author) has described as breaking the setting of the game). I generally don't buy into the theory that spells should be more powerful just because they are usually rare, because "rarity" often equates to Storyteller fiat. --Toram

Charms are basically enhanced and extended natural and personal abilities and skills. Spells are raw, direct manipulations of the world that should thus be able to have personal effects. I don't think there's anything to fear from some overlap, since it will has already happened to some extent, like with with Terrestial Circle spells with elemental effects and Dragon-Blooded Charms. Who can't see Craft Charms mimick the effects of Ritual of Elemental Empowerment, for example? For me, the difference with spells is usally in scope, magnitude and complexity, but the final decision for spells and Charms always rests on how cool they are and how well they fit into the big picture. I don't think any strict guidelines are necessary. - Resplendence