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Dazzling Presence
• Cost: 8 motes, 1 WP
• Duration: One Scene or until broken
• Type: Simple
• Minimum Presence: 5
• Minimum Essence: 3
• Prerequisite Charms: Harmonious Presence Meditation; Majestic Radiance Presence

As the Zenith sun will cause Creation to pause and stare in awe at the beauty that the Light reveals, so too does the Chosen of the Sun. This Charm affects all Hostile creatures that have willpower within Presence X 10 yards of the character. Creatures, including characters, are instantly affected if their Essence is lower than the Exalt's; if Essence is equal to or greater they must make a Willpower roll with a difficulty equal to the Exalt's Presence score. All affected creatures stop what they are doing and cannot make a hostile action. If anyone makes a hostile action, the charm ends immediately, and initiative is figured normally. There is no surprise round. This Charm does not affect the user.

Incandescent Burning of the Sun
• Cost: 7 motes, 1 Willpower
• Duration: One Scene
• Type: Reflexive
• Minimum Presence: 5
• Minimum Essence: 5
• Prerequisite Charms: Still figuring them out, because yes, there will be some.

The Unconquered Sun shines down into Creation. But greater is the power of him who shines through those he has chosen. The Light of the Sun burns away the darkness of the night, leaving the area pure with its touch. When the Exalt activates this charm, his anima banner flares up as if using 16+ motes; the iconic state. The anima's affect will spread out for 3 yards. Anyone who enters this aura will take 3L damage per round (though friends may be excluded at the Exalt's whim). Creatures of the Night will take 3A damage per round (skeletons, zombies, abyssals, deathlords, etc). All undead extras that enter the aura will burn instantly, requiring a Willpower roll, difficulty equal to the Exalt's Essence, or be released to Lethe. This damage is soaked normally, ping damage equaling only 1, even if using Power Combat.


1)This charm should be Performance, which is specifically the area of affecting large groups of people
2)All hostile Creatures? Not just people? But like, rabid animals too?
3)Mechanical part--completely sound.

My reasoning for the placement of this charm is that it is based on "force of personality". The Light of the Unconquered Sun shines so brightly through the Exalt that creatures can't help but be respectful to the Chosen. The lack of hostilities opens up time to talk. Terrifying Apparition of Glory is a Presence charm and it is capable of affecting large groups of people. As for the creatures part, yes, it affects rabid animals. If they have Willpower, it applies. Thanks for responding. ~ Terk
When I took a closer look, I compared it to charms like Terrifying Apparition of Glory and Prey Freezing gaze. It is slightly more effective than Prey-Freezing Gaze and slightly less effective than TAoG...thus, it actually balances nicely. Disregard my previous comment about it actually being performance. ~DualMegami

I like the Dazzling Presence Charm! The flavor suits what I think Solar Presence should be, although my ideas are pretty liberal, as evidenced by my own Presence Charms. This Charm actually seems less powerful than Respect-Commanding Attitude for a steeper prerequisite, I'm not sure whether that is a feature or a bug. Respect-Commanding Attitude has unlimited range, for one, which is pretty significant when talking down armies. -Madwand

The thing that makes it more effective is that Dazzling Presence causes a cessation of hostilities of anything that has Willpower, including creatures. Respect Commanding Attitude merely commands an audience, which I would assume, they meant people. Somehow with Respect Commanding Attitude I see an Exalt spending a WP to ignore the affects, whereas my charm wouldn't allow that. Though, if I'm wrong, much apologies. There is one notable difference, though nothing that would portray the cost: Respect Commanding Attitude is Performance, where as Dazzling Presence is Presence. ~ Terk

Another comment - it's quite hard to get a Respect Commanding Attitude in after the battle has started, people tend to be hitting you too often to even start a speech. It can of course be done, but it's rather hard. If you win initiative when you have this, however, then you just get to stop everything. I like it!
-- Darloth