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SolarCharms by CrownedSun

Changes to the Corebook Charms for Solars

Dawn Charms

  • Arrow Storm Technique: The attacks continues as long as you get a successful hit on the target. A parry will not break this, but a dodge will. See Exalted, Page 155.
  • Phantom Arrow Technique: This charm doesn't work as described; you just create arrows, in your quiver. You do not have to use them immediately, but your Quiver does have to have enough room. You can also create a few arrows sticking in the ground in front of you, if your quiver is full. Either way the Arrows are available for an immediate strike, but are otherwise normal arrows with bright yellow feathers and golden-tinged tips. See Exalted, Page 156-7.
  • Immaculate Golden Bow: The duration is changed to One Day, just for ease of use. See Exalted, Page 157.
  • Rain of Feathered Death: This is an Extra Action charm. The charm still only requires one roll, but arrows have to be parried separately. See Exalted, Page 157.
  • Ox-Stunning Blow: This charm costs one mote per two dice of base damage, with a maximum number of motes able to be spent equal to the character's Strength + Essence. This damage is only soaked with the target's natural stamina, with no armor or boosted natural soak. See Exalted, Page 158.
  • Dragon Coil Technique: This charm was changed in Power Combat, but actually seems a bit downgraded. It used to add +Essence to the damage pool and in automatic successes to keep the enemy from escaping, now it only adds +Essence to dice and changes the damage to lethal. As a compromise between the two versions, this charm adds +Essence in automatic successes to the character's Clinch rolls. See Exalted, Page 158.
  • Snake Form as noted in some of the Lunar Charms, someone who can't see their attacker has a +2 difficulty to combat rolls.
  • Striking Serpent Speed guarentees at least one success; you can't use the charm and get no extra attacks.
  • Call the Blade is deleted; Summoning the Loyal Steel requires Retrieve the Fallen Weapon.
  • Cascade of Cutting Terror actually requires you to have the weapon in question, and he has to throw it. The last sentence just means that you don't have to actually HAVE hundreds of weapons with you to use this charm.
  • Shower of Deadly Blades the thrown weapons have to be parried separately, even though only one roll is made.

Zenith Charms

  • Willpower-Enhancing Spirit costs 3 motes, and allows you to double the Willpower regain you get from a stunt. Alternatively, you can regain stunts and a willpower from a single stunt. The stunt still has to be badass enough to allow it.
  • Unruly Mob Dispersing Rebuke has it's minimum Essence redued to 2. This charm gives you a reflexive defense in Mail and Steel rules, using your Cha+Performance as a parry pool against the attack.
  • Masterful Performance Exercise this charm ONLY affects Singing, Oration, or Instrumental Music. Dance and other types of Performance have their own trees, similar to the one in the Zenith book for Dance.
  • Listener-Swaying Arguement only costs 1 mote per die, and a willpower. This is more balanced with other Exalted's social options.
  • Whirlwind Armor-Donning Prana and Hauberk-Summoning Gesture are both changed, minorly. Whirlwind costs 1 mote per Mobility penality of the armor to be donned, and allows him to don the armor in one turn. Hauberk-Summoning Gesture is reflexive, but otherwise works as noted.
  • Spirit-Tied Pet doesn't require an XP point if the character does not already have a Familiar.

Twilight Charms

  • Ghost-Eating Technique does work on Materialized spirits at Essence 4.

Night Charms

  • Increasing Strength Exercise doesn't add to any other Strength-related Charm bonuses from other charms. It only affects rolls, contests, and other functions of the Strength attribute.
  • Mental Invisibility works as described, providing an additional "layer of defense" in case your spotted. However, this charm is slightly more effective against Extras -- assume any Extra has a willpower of 3, unless noted to have higher.
  • Vanishing from Mind's Eye Method only causes problems with REAL extended use; months (or weeks, if greed comes into play)! Nobody can find her, but they won't automatically forget that she ever existed.

Eclipse Charms

  • Speed the Wheels, as a clarifiction, only affects the Bureaucracy. It cleaves through slow downs and red tape, but doesn't necessarily speed up how long the actual task is complete. The character using this charm to make her ship get repaired quicker would have workers on his ship quicker, but it'd take the workers just as long to actually /repair/ the ship.
  • Depth-Plumbing Intuition as noted by the charm, use of this charm doesn't mean that the character's ship is agile or well-handled enough to make it past the obstacle. Nonetheless, if the ship can even POSSIBLY get through the obstacle, treat this charm as a Perfect effect for the purposes of getting through it (if the character is at the wheel). In addition, this charm automatically activates for one mote if a ship under his command is about to run aground when he is aboard, giving the charcter a fair bit of warning.