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Solar Performance Charms by CrownedSun

Militia-raising Technique

 Cost: 10 motes, 1 willpower
 Duration: One day
 Type: Simple
 Minimum Performance: 5
 Minimum Essence: 4
 Prerequisite Charms: Tiger-Warrior Training Technique

This charm allows you to quickly teach a number of completely unaware peasants with no martial knowledge the basics of combat, enough so that they won’t simply be slaughtered in an encounter with an organized foe. This charm requires one day of drills and exercises, and trains Essence x 100 peasants bare minimum combat skills.

Those who complete the entire days training receive the following benefits: One dot in a single Dawn-caste Ability (usually Melee), one specialty in that weapon. Anyone with a Valor of one has it raised to two. If the subject already has the ability being trained at 1, he gains a 2 instead at the end of the training. Anyone with more knowledge than that receives no additional benefits from the training other than potentially raising their Valor; trained soldiers receive no benefit at all.

These warriors are considered skilled militia for most intents and purposes. They are not very well disciplined, and without the assistance of charms they won’t be any more loyal than normal. They are notably less likely to rout, however.

Lion-Warrior Training Technique

 Cost: 15 motes, 3 willpower
 Duration: One week
 Type: Reflexive
 Minimum Performance: 5
 Minimum Essence: 5
 Prerequisite Charms: Militia-raising Technique

This charm is an enhanced and improved version of Tiger Warrior Training Technique, with both more flexibility and a slightly increased power. Lion Warrior Training is brutal and harsh, and every batch put through the ringer usually has a few washouts who die or are burned out as useful soldiers by the process. The training varies depending on the type of Lion Warrior being trained, but takes approximately a month to complete. You can put soldiers through more than one Lion Warrior Training Cycle, but that drastically increases the mortality rate and the number of washouts -- however, the output is correspondingly higher as well.

Lion Warrior Trainers can train groups of about their Essence x 100 in size, who must have some Military training in order to be eligible. Tiger Warriors make the best candidates, with the lowest mortality rate. Many First Age Trainers ran Tiger-Warrior Training and Lion-Warrior Training back to back, for the best results. Only willing subjects can go through Lion-Warrior Training. The notes below assume a Tiger-Warrior Training ‘baseline’; more experienced troops receive proportionally more. Less experienced troops typically die/burnout, but those who survive (roll a d6, add 2, multiply by 10. That is the percent of the soldiers that make it through training) will be Lion Warriors.

A Lion Warrior that has passed six months of training without death or breaking is considered a Heroic Mortal, with all benefits thereof. Generally at least Essence x10 subjects will survive that far. Of the others, 1/3rd of them are dead and 2/3rds are burnt out and useless as soldiers.

Lion Warriors come in three basic types, but have a few things in common. Each receives two Dawn-caste abilities at four, with a three specialties in those two abilities. Other Dawn Abilities remain at three. Lion Warriors receive at least one free specialty in each ability trained. Lastly, each Lion Warrior receives Valor 3 and one extra Bruised Health Level. Other benefits vary by type.

  • Ferocious Lion Warriors: These are the highly aggressive, offensive Lion Warrior variant. Their training includes numerous weapon types, brutal physical training regiments, and the kind of emotional training that turns them into utterly fearless near-berserkers (without any atrophy in other virtues). They receive one additional dot in Strength (max 5), Resistance and Athletics at 3 (with one free specialty each), Valor 4, and +1 to their Willpower rating (max 8).
  • Unyielding Lion Warriors: These are the tight, disciplined defensive Lion Warrior variant. Their training includes mastery of pain, armored fighting training, and a good bit of skill in defensive close combat tactics and teamwork. They receive an additional dot in Stamina (max 5), Endurance and Awareness 3 (with one free specialty each), Lore 1 and a Tactics strategy. Unyielding Lion Warriors lessen all their wound penalties by 1, as a result of their training.
  • Ranging Lion Warriors: These are the fast, mobile strike Lion Warrior variant. Often-trained in Archery, and Skirmishing, their program focuses on mobility and stealth, with extensive physical training and ambush/skirmish tactics. They receive an additional dot in Dexterity (max 5), Stealth, Athletics, Dodge 3 (with one free specialty each) and Conviction 3.

In addition, Lion Warrior Trainers are more accomplished at the ‘lesser’ training charms. They can train Essence x 1000 soldiers at a time with Tiger Warrior training, and can run through a Militia-raising Technique in about three hours.