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First Edition and Conversions

Solar Burst
 Cost: 5 motes, 1 Willpower
 Duration: Instant
 Type: Simple
 Minimum Archery: 5
 Minimum Essence: 4
 Prerequisite Charms: Arrow Storm Technique, Solar Spike

The Solar invests her arrow with a tightly compacted core of unstable Essence. When fired, the core will explode upon impact, unleashing powerful energy arcs in an area with a radius equal to the Solar's Essence x 3 yards. The player makes a single attack roll, which is applied equally to all opponents within the area of effect-- this attack will distinguish between friend and foe!

In second edition, this Charm is Combo-OK, Leader, and Obvious. Instead of Solar Spike, it requires Phantom Arrow Technique

Wrathful Master Devastation
 Cost: 15 motes, 3 Willpower
 Duration: Instant
 Type: Simple
 Minimum Archery: 6
 Minimum Essence: 6
 Prerequisite Charms: Solar Burst, Hawk-Against-the-Storm Meditation

Many once-fertile lands were destroyed utterly during the First Age-- and towards the end, not merely by attackers; indeed, more often, such destruction was the result of competition between Solars! Wrathful Master Devastation is one of the Charms used in these contests of destruction; it transforms the Solar's bow into a channel of unrelenting energy, from which a multitude of bolts fly forth to rain terror and destruction down upon his foes.

In Mail and Steel, this means that the character will individually attack a number of soldiers equal to his Essence in Magnitude. They, and typically their commanding officer and other special characters gain absolutely no protection, extra health levels, bonuses to defense, etc. from the normal mail and steel rules; each faces the Solar individually. The Solar makes one single attack roll that is then applied to all of his targets at once. Damage done is multiplied by (permanent Essence /2), round up. These targets do not have to be in the same unit, but only one minimum magnitude loss (see below) is inflicted, based on where the Solar killed the most troops.

For most troops and non-named NPCs, it's better to simply make a single defense roll for all of them and figure that those who are not killed outright if the Solar wins simply flee in terror. GMs may wish to section off the armies into smaller amounts for the purposes of scale, though. Named NPCs and PCs of course make individual defense rolls, but gain none of the usual benefits from leading or participating in Mail and Steel Combat. If the Solar successfully kills normal troops, it will reduce the Magnitude of the attacking army as is appropriate for the individual troops killed, but at least one Magnitude will be lost; excess will be in fleeing soldiers or proximity kills. An Essence 10 character can destroy two entire First Age Legions in a single hit.

Outside of Mail and Steel combat, the maximums used in that book are good rough scales to use. An Essence 6 Solar can attack up to 1,250 targets, 7 2,500, 8 5,000, and 9 10,000. Following this doubling progression, an Essence 10 Solar would be able to assault 20,000 targets at once. This Charm can also be used to destroy earthworks, fortifications, towns, and so on.

In Second Edition, this Charm is Combo-OK, Obvious, and War.

Sun Steps Upon the Earth
 Cost: 20 motes, 3 Willpower
 Duration: Instant
 Type: Simple
 Minimum Archery: 7
 Minimum Essence: 7
 Prerequisite Charms: Wrathful Master Devastation

For the Solar to whom Wrathful Master Devastation brings insufficient carnage to her enemies, Sun Steps Upon the Earth grants might sufficient enough to lay countries to waste, given time and Essence enough. Once an arrow charged with this Charm is released, it flies into the air with a great roaring, surrounded by golden and sapphire seraphim whose song cry doom for all beneath the fiery burst. The Solar's range is changed to her Essence x 10 miles. Wherever the arrow strikes, a sphere or dome of incredible, savage energy with a radius equal to the Exalt's Essence in miles is released. This Charm does not distinguish friend from foe; it will assault ally, enemy, fortress, shrine, warstrider, and wagon alike. Only Gaia's skin- the very surface of Creation itself- is proof against this assault; an unwise Solar may destroy the very tower she stands on!

The effects of this burst are immediate and devastating. All extras within the range of effect die, instantly. The solar rolls an attack as normal, but generally only for extra successes; this attack is a perfect, unblockable, undodgeable effect. Only meta-perfect, always-applicable defenses like Heavenly Guardian Defense will serve. In Mail and Steel, commanders and other special characters caught in the blast footprint will not be protected by their soldiers, either from magnitude health levels or from other defensive bonuses. Damage done is multiplied by (permanent Essence /2), round up. Any non-Extra with an Essence less than the Solars will take double damage from all success rolls. This damage is always lethal unless the Solar uses a combo or other effect to change it.

In Second Edition, this Charm is Combo-OK, Obvious, and War. In fact, this Charm might be keyworded to affect matters at a Mandate of Heaven scale.


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