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Since currently my primary use of the internet with respect to Exalted is clarification of rules questions, my user page will start with that, and either expand as I collect and create more information or grow stagnant as I reclaim the valuable portions of my life that Exalted currently devours. Until I create a comments or questions page please feel free to add either below, or to send me an email (


  • [[[Myrlan/Rules]] Questions]]: Some questions I have about the system and their answers (if found or created)
  • [[[Myrlan/House]] Rules]]: Includes the ones I like, use, and dislike
  • Myrlan/SoapBox: For rants, complaints and lectures
  • [[[Myrlan/Exalted]] Links]]: Non-Wiki Exalted links

Comments and Questions

Hey, Thanks for looking in on my page, and the spelling correction. I've been trying to get as much content up here as possible, and I am afraid I have made a few mistakes (Including the issues that Suzume was kind enough to point out.) Brides will certainly be involved in our game, at least 1 of Ahlat's Brides, and of course everyone's favorite Scarlet Bride. I'll make sure to let you know when they show up. Best Regards, Shallows

No problem, that one was just too funny to let go. Good luck on your game. (by the way don't forget the [[]] on you're sig) - Myrlan