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Shataina's Artifact Page

As previously stated, I don't come up with much, but I do like these. Have fun.

Sorry if it takes me a while to get around to actually acting on your comment -- although I am certainly taking it into account if I say I'm taking it into account, there's a certain lack of urgency because my ST and I tend to already be satisfied with the artifacts here, which means that I don't have to edit them right away, if you know what I mean -- it's not urgent. Once I actually do come up with ways to address the things people keep telling me to address, I'll probably put up "alternate rulings" or something.


Caskets of Firedust Conversion: Powered by trapped demons or elementals, these caskets can enchant firedust so that it's no longer aspected towards Fire, but a different Element instead, changing the effect of the enchanted dust when it explodes from a firewand. (Level 2)

Gem of the Fair Heart: Forged from the heart of a Fair noble, this gem links the attuned more strongly to her emotions and causes her to find more value in what's important to her. (Level 3)

Mercy's Fury: A blade with a heart of her own, Mercy's Fury takes umbrage when others lack sympathy and seeks to change their hearts by force -- often successfully. (Level 5)


So, why did the chicken cross the Moëbius strip?

To get to the other...uh... -EndlessChase
Yay! Someone knows my favourite chicken joke! Nice to meet you, EndlessChase.
~ Shataina
I love that joke ^_^ So, any chance that we see more artifacts any time soon? I really like the way that you present them. All of your ideas seem well thought out and well prepared. -EndlessChase
<beam> You have no idea how flattered I am!
I tend not to make artifacts very often, actually. I mean, I do, but they tend not to be very original (conversations like -- ST: "So, you have Artifact 3. What do you want?" Me: "Uh ... a rapier." ST:"What magical material?" Me: "Uh ... glass, why not." ST: "Again? Okay, what can it do?" Me: "Uh ... reflect?" -- are pretty par for the course for me). The things I generally have on my mind are my zillions of Shataina/Characters (got lots o' those). I've been idly toying with various powers for vitrioldust and ghostdust; I might post something along those lines soon. I also find myself preoccupied with the Sound-Mesh Style, a MA style I made up for one of my Lexicon entries which I thought, after the fact, might actually make for a really cool style which could be fully worked out. I think it'll have both MA and Linguistics requirements ... how's that for bizarrely abstract and postmodern?  :)
Thanks for the huge compliment, anyway. :) Like I said, still thinking about vitrioldust and ghostdust. Ideas welcome.
~ Shataina
I'm just glad I made you happy ^_^ Well, to go with what I said before, I'm glad that you have ideas for more stuff. I'm looking forwad to it. *Bookmarks Shataina's artifacts...* - EndlessChase
Multiple Ability requirements?! ^_^ Yay! I want to see! I wish there was more material like that. (Guess that means I'll have to come up with some...) -Suzume (Also, I like that name! ^_^ )
<grin> Thanks. I actually spent some time a few months ago trying to come up with bits of it, but I'm really not very good at Martial Arts styles, and they're so long, and I was busy ... I kind of put the project on hold. There's a little more info about it over at myShataina/RandomIsh section if you want to look and perhaps offer advice.
~ Shataina