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Qingu is beautiful beyond compare. He is thin, about 6 feet tall and humanoid, although he is clearly not human. His skin is silvery-pale-green and smooth, almost like a porpoise, but clearly more durable. He has a long, perfectly smooth face with a thin, long line that runs down the entirety of his lower face, like a line drawn where a nose should be; he has no mouth, only a very slight indentation below his long nose. His eyes are very large and jet-black. He has a mane of silver-blue hair that seems to flow gently in the air as if his hair were always underwater. (Altogether, his face almost looks like a bishonen grey alien.)

He has glass-colored scales that run down his back and his tail, which is scaled on top and smooth on the sides and bottom, like a dragon's tail. His tail is about five feet long; standing up, it falls to the ground and slithers behind him as he walks, and in combat he uses holds it up behind him and whips it around like a tassel.

His eyes are black and glassy and are almost always utterly calm, even in combat. They betray a sad sort of loneliness to anyone who stares in them. Qingu is very rarely angered or emotional (partially because he has to control his ArmorOfGlassFlames); when his emotions become intense, his expression barely changes, but his eyes flare with a dark greenish-blue light and his hair violently flows and whips around in the air. (Note: Just because he is “sad”-looking does NOT mean he is angsty or one of those goth vampire losers!)

Qingu wears a glass diadem with unknown blue-black and silvery-green gems set in it. He wears similarly ornate glass bracers. His clothes consist of an incomparably beautiful violet cloak or cape with green and blue calligraphy in the shape of ocean waves sown into it and lined with jewels. For armor, he wears an adamantine glass breastplate. He also has the much more formidable Armor of Glass Flames which surrounds him at all times.

Qingu carries two blades, sheathed at his sides -- PearlOfTheBottomlessSea and RefractionOfLimitlessWaves. They are both long, thin, curved blades; the first appears to be made out of lacquered pearl with streaks of black material forged into it, and the other made out of greenish-blue shimmering, almost immaterial glass. Each sword's scabbard and handle are separately detailed and decorated with ornate markings. Qingu is also armed with a set of two adamantine boomerangs he uses for Thrown weapons.

He carries a small coral and glass flute attached to a necklace. His music enchants his listeners with all the fluid grace of a calm, sad sea. It is unknown how he plays this flute, however, since he has no mouth. When he speaks, which is rare, the effect is almost telepathic; anyone in range who would hear him if he were normally speaking hears a calm, beautiful voice inside their head.

Qingu’s charms allow him to float in air, as if he were treading water, and he often does this.


Attributes\\ Strength 6, Dex 7, Stamina 7, Charisma 7, Manipulation 6, Appearance 7, Perception 7, Intelligence 7, Wits 7

Virtues\\ Compassion 4, Conviction 5, Temperance 5, Valor 5.

Abilities\\ Archery 6, Athletics 5, Awareness 6 (see patterns +2), Craft (Glamour) 5, Dodge 6 (+2 while floating), Endurance 6, Investigation 6, Linguistics 5, Lore 5, Martial Arts 6 (+2 open-handed method), Medicine 5, Melee 6 (two blades +2), Occult 6, Performance 6 (+2 with flute), Presence 6 (+2 beautiful), Resistance 6 (+2 unarmed attacks--thick skin), Ride 5 (+2 for Lahamu), Sail 4, Socialize 5, Stealth 4, Survival 6 (+2 chaotic terrain), Thrown 5 (+2 boomerangs).

Base Initiative: 14\\ Dodge Pool: 13 (15 while floating)\\ Soak: varies, usually 29B/25L/17A* (faerie plate 12B/12L, ArmorOfGlassFlames 10B/10L/10A*)\\

  • This denotes his natural soak against attacks that ignore armor; Armor of Glass Flames acts as an extension of his natural soak.

Willpower: 10\\ Essence: 7\\ Essence Pool: 120 (our of 150; 30 committed to armor/weapons)\\ Health Levels (15): -0(6) / -1(5) / -2(4) / -4 / Incap


---From ArmorOfGlassFlames (roll a die each turn, each number has a unique effect):

  • Glass Maelstrom (roll 4, can't be dodged, can spend 5 motes to avoid harming allies, -10 soak for turn)\\

Spd 14, Acc 17, Dmg 5L (Rate 1, Range: everyone within 10 yards of Qingu)

  • Shard Parry (roll 6, can reflexively make 7 parries for turn, -5 soak, -3 mobility)\\

Spd 14, Dfs 12 (stacks with Qingu's parries or dodges)

  • Shard Slash (roll 7, can reflexively make 7 attacks for turn, -5 soak, -3 mobility)\\

Spd 14, Acc 12, Dmg 5L

---From weapons:

  • Open-handed palm: Spd 14, Acc 15, Dmg 6B, Dfs 15
  • Kick: Spd 11, Acc 12, Dmg 8B, Dfs 12
  • Boomerangs (always return to hands unless botched roll)\\

Spd 20, Acc 16, Dmg 9L, (Rate 2, Range 40 yards)

  • PearlOfTheBottomlessSea (dissipates 1 mote on contact w/ magical materials, and 2xHL damage motes on successful attacks)\\

Spd 19, Acc 19, Dmg 11L, Dfs 19

Spd 22, Acc 20, Dmg 8L, Dfs 16

Other Notes

Qingu knows all the Fae glamour magics in canon and any similar types of illusionism the Storyteller wishes to give him. A good example of this (my ST thought of the idea) is to have him split into several different bodies, all of whom can make separate actions, but only one of them is real. More importantly, he also knows all the fae-exalted charms listed in this submission, as well as any combos the Storyteller feels are appropriate. Unlike other fae exalts, Qingu knows charms from all five castes and can combo them between castes. One of Qingu’s favorite combos is “Chaos Inevitably Drowns”--a combination of CrashingBreakerAttack, DisorientingSprayOfSeafoam, CrestOfTheBlackTsunamiAttack and Dispel. For 27 motes and 3 willpower, he launches himself into the air for one turn and on the following turn he dispels his opponent’s persistent defense before landing with an attack with 7 extra dice of bashing damage and 21 extra dice of lethal damage, and inflicts a -1 action penalty. Qingu is a badass mofo.

Qingu is a badass in part because he has been traveling for 10,000 years in the Wyld and has been on many adventures. He benefits from the following two persistent effects, reflecting his long (if chaotic) experience:

1. Qingu can make two full dice actions per turn on his initiative. Both these actions can be split normally, although he can only use magic once per turn like normal charm/spell rules. However, Qingu does gets 2 full illusary pools if he uses the charm RelentlessStormOfTidalWaves.
2. When using Pearl of the Bottomless Sea and Refraction of Limitless Waves, Qingu can make free reflexive parries with Pearl and free reflexive counterattacks with Refraction at full pools. Neither parry nor counter can be enhanced by charms or powers in any way. Neither swords' effects function reflexively, so parries don't drain motes from magic swords and counters are do not force Wits+Awareness rolls. If he loses even one of his swords, this power is dispelled, so a good tactic when fighting Qingu is to try to disarm him.

Qingu also has very impressive control of Armor of Glass Flames. During combat, he can pay 10 essence and a willpower to reflexively shift the armor into a form of his choosing on his initiative (instead of rolling the random armor shift die or paying 4 motes to maintain its current shape).

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