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The Ever Elusive Crossover

I've seen many, many people trying to cross over the WoD into the Aos or vica versa. I think this is a great idea but I like some peoples ideas on this better then others. I read one persons page on this wiki who had a great cross over from Werewolf (and the other minor shapeshifters) to the new Lunars. If you wrote that or know who did, please leave a link on this page to it. I only read it once and then i was never able to find it again. I liked that cross over alot so I won't write one for Lunars. Since Vampire: The Masquerade (and Demon: The Fallen and Changeling: The Dreaming, but we'll get to that) are the only WoD books I have, I will cross Vampires into Abyssals. If you would like to help on this, please feel free too, as I'm only gonna do the Vampire to Abyssal crossover. I was thinking Mages are Sidereal, Hunters are Solars, obviously Werewolves and such are Lunars. I own the Changeling: The Dreaming book but I can't take that seriously so I won't write that up, either. My idea for Demon: The Fallen is that demons in WoD are actually the gods of Creation and such in AoS. The Dragon-Bloods are going to be a pian I think, because I can't even think of where they would fit in. Well many thanks party people. And again, if you know who wrote that Werewolf-Lunar crossover, let me know. And in case it needs to be said, I have no intention of buying any of the new World of Darkness books and all my crossovers are for the old (or classic) WoD.
Vampire Abyssal Cross