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= Bio =After lurking around for about a year, I decided to start posting some of the material I have gathered from two and a half years of being a GM for Exalted.

My computer has some nasty bugs, as soon as my firends reformat my magic box aka the computer I have an a$$ load of material to upload.

If anyone drops by leave a comment... I would like to know if anyone noticed my little splash in the Sea of the Wiki.

Setting Material









Props to my Peeps

  • Jim Price for inspiring me to run Game in the first place, teaching me that flying by the seat of your pants is better than two weeks of planning for a 6 hour game session, and showing me it is okay to throw the players to the wolves.
    • Jim has published several game system including Aegis © , Four Cities © , and my favorite Swashbuckler © .
      • I highly suggest you check them out if you can find them.
  • "Lucky" for showing me the Chicago style of storytelling where where it is perfectly okay to bribe the GM for extra dots.
    • This has kept me in a steady supply of food, smokes, and filled out my Exalted collection.
    • Oh yeah, thanks for breaking up with your girlfriend... she is now my wife.
  • Cap'nTog for introducting to White Wolf games, and being the Best Man that tied me up, shaved my legs, and made me walk the plank for "high crimes against singledom".
    • Also for showing me this wiki where I have "stolen" books worth of Game material.
  • Bobert for getting me hooked on Exalted.
  • Patty for showing me that the game is less about mechanics and more about the story.
    • Also for consently pointing out my mistakes.
  • Joshy Washy Cooky Poo for slavishly producing works of art for me, and scribing.
    • Also for being the brunt of endless jokes.
    • And telling me why gay men don't want my fussy butt.
  • Scotty for fixing my computer, and for exiting the strange dimension you live on to tickle my brain.


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