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Dragon-Blooded Bureaucracy Charms

by Patkin

Escaping-the-Tsunami Administration
 Cost : 2 motes per success
 Duration : Instant
 Type : Supplemental
 Minimum Bureaucracy : 4
 Minimum Essence : 4
 Prerequisite Charms : Bestow the Saffron Mantle

It is common, in times of great stress to the power of the Thousand Scales, for the ability of an office to be overrun by demands, paperwork and motions involving complicated matters on the spot. At these times, there is no luxury to involve experts versed in the matters of state or the movements of the Scales. With tributaries in revolt or other vital matters are in turmoil, an effective plan must be formulated before chaos prevails and normal operating procedures are washed away.

A Terrestrial minister may bring the full force of his knowledge and training of the bureaucratic maze to bear upon a single problem with the use of this Charm, straining his mind with Essence and condensing days of office ritualism and maneuvering into a single moment of staggering clarity. For every 2 motes of Essence spent, the character may purchase an automatic success on any roll involving a bureaucratic or logistical task, up to a limit of his Bureaucracy Ability. The remainder of the pool is then rolled normally. The character's player must then roll to soak using the Dragon-Blood's Wits Attribute, a number of bashing health levels equal to the total successes on the roll, as the Exalt attempts to mentally digist and sort the rush of moves and countermoves within the ministries.

It is common, after using this Charm, for a character to experience violent nosebleeds, sporadic weakening of vision and hearing and excruciating headaches. Regardless of the results of the soak roll, each use of this Charm counts as a full days' exertion for the character, who must then deal with the effects of sleep deprivation or use a Charm or item to counter it. The bashing damage dealt through the use of this Charm may be healed using whatever methods are available to the character.