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Panthanaea Silverfin's Wiki Page

Here I will post my House Rules, and a log of my various characters and their adventures

|| PanthanaeaSilverfin/HouseRules || PanthanaeaSilverfin/CharactersAndAdventures || PanthanaeaSilverfin/RandomChatter ||


Blaque - GMs most the games I play in! ^_^

Reccomended Character Sheets

If you intend to play in any of my games, I would reccommend Resplendence's Character Sheets. They're beautifully done and 4-pages, so that you have room for everything.

Locations of my Games

[1]Yahoo! Groups - We're currently doing Tomb of 5 Corners and are in desperate need of a Twilight and Zenith!


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Also, welcome to the wiki. - willows