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My Musings...

  • My Card Battle System (Link on my page)
  • MA style that is a series of debuff like things on the other person
  • A totemic MA style, much like shamans from WoW
  • Something that emulates a holy warrior, heal, melee, and undead killing.
  • How rogues do it from behind.


I very much like the idea of a Shaman style. Then combo it with "tornado on the summit" from the MartialArtsRelay adn you have a great shaman. -Azurelight

I don't actually have a shaman. (I play 'lock) But I'm seriously considering making one. However, I want to incorporate healing, and it would be a fucking long style. Maybe I could group all the totems into one charm, where each tier of essence gives you several totems. Anyways, if you want to help me make it or have any input, I'd love the help. -Overshee